Healing Through Breathwork and Fascia Release with Deanna Hansen

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“I’ve done all the right things. And yet, I’m getting the opposite outcome of what I’m doing. I’m gaining more weight, I’m more fatigued, I’m more tired, I’m more in pain, and yet I’m doing all the things my therapist told me to do.”

– Probably You

This was the feeling that resonated so deeply with my guest today, Deanna Hansen. A former athlete with an immense understanding of Human anatomy and physiology yet still found herself waking up in chronic pain and being over 50 pounds overweight, despite doing “all the things” (including doing 400+ sit-ups a day!)  

So, what changed?

She learned how to breathe to heal and the process of fascia decompression.

THIS transformed her life and her health forever.

Now as a muscle therapist, she’s on the show today to help us understand the simple things we can implement into our own life to get unstuck and live freely.

“We’re different animals when we are breathing differently.”

– Deanna Hansen

In this Episode:

-Deanna’s Background & Journey to Health

-Touch your own body

-Conscious diaphragmatic breathing

-Misconceptions about core strength – postural foundation

-Dealing with pain, fear and stress

-Death starts in the feet

-Fascia blocks over yoga blocks

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Resources Mentioned:

-The God Code by Gregg Braden https://a.co/d/6vI2rSa 

-Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle https://a.co/d/i7ZUU0Y 

-Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope  https://a.co/d/ahJ86po 

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