True Wellness Alliance



What is the Membership?

Introducing the True Wellness Alliance Membership—an exclusive opportunity to elevate your well-being! Immerse yourself in a month of unlimited access to our top-notch equipment and indulge in rejuvenating therapies at a lower cost like FLOWpresso and Ion Cleanse Foot Baths. Plus, unlock special discounts on transformative bodywork experiences. Join now and embark on a journey to a higher state of vitality and relaxation!

With the True Wellness Alliance Membership, not only will you be able to elevate your well-being through individual experiences, but you will also become a cherished member of our vibrant and supportive wellness family. Join us and make well-being a collective journey!

How it Works

The True Wellness Alliance Membership is available for any client that has received five or more therapies or appointments with us. If you have, you can gain access to the exclusive dual-tier structure of this membership, allowing you to select the tier aligning most closely with your individual needs.

Both tiers provide priority-scheduling and unlimited access to premium devices such as the Vibe Bed, Infrared Sauna, PEMF Mat, Vibration Plate, and the Neurovizr. Additionally, each tier presents varying degrees of discounts on FLOWpressos and Ion Cleanse Foot Baths, with Tier 2 elevating the membership experience even further by unlocking exclusive discounts on transformative bodywork services!


Membership Tiers

Tier 1

This option is perfect for those who are looking to embrace the act of self-care, offering you unlimited access to all of our "bio-loving" tools and technologies. Get your cell frequencies aligned with the Vibe Bed + NeuroVizr, sweat out the toxins in our Infrared Sauna, strengthen your bones and muscles and get your lymph unstuck on the Vibration Plate and relax in our state-of-the-art massage chair.


Round out your experience by booking a discounted FlowPresso session and drain all that you 'kick up" during the therapies by finishing with an Ion Cleanse footbath. 



Tier 2

Tier 2 is for those looking to fully immerse themselves in a bulk of what True Wellness offers. In addition to gaining unlimited access to all of our tools and technologies that let you "bio-love" yourself, you will also receive deep discounts on every FLOWPresso Session, Ion Cleanse Footbath, bodywork, and even Sound of Soul sessions! 



Therapies Included

Daiwa Massage Chair

Daiwa is based on the Japanese symbol for great harmony. This is no ordinary massage chair that you may have seen in malls. This is a state of the art therapeutic massage unit. Upon entering the unit, the chair scans your body to get exact positioning contoured to the unique curvature of your spine, ensuring accuracy and efficiency during the massage experience. You will experience zero gravity, achieving a floating sensation which reduces pressure throughout the entire body. Therapeutic heat is available if desired, along with full body 3D Shiatsu. A gentile inversion stretch is accompanied by luxury forearm, calf and foot massage for a complete therapeutic relaxing massage, with settings from gentile to deep massage available on the unit. This massage experience includes no oils or cold hands, no body exposure or lying on a table. The Daiwa is the newest generation of robotic massage that will become the standard in body/mind therapeutic relaxation and rejuvenation.

Magnetic Resonance (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy / PEMF Therapy)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a simple, fast and effective way to improve the healing potential of each and every cell in your body. By applying a pulsating electromagnetic field that matches the Earth’s magnetic field, nearly all trillion cells of the body can be stimulated into harmonic resonance. As a result, the powerful capacity within the cell membrane increases and enables the cells to produce more energy. This energy enhances the self-healing powers of the body.

PEMF Therapy uses the specific application of unique pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies and intensities for healing and wellness. Research has shown that low energy pulsating fields within the frequency range of “the biological window” (3-25 Hz), as well as the inner and outer wave patterns of the Earth’s magnetic field (7.83-11.79 Hz) can produce remarkable positive changes within the body.

PEMF Therapy is a great therapy for pain relief, stress reduction, athletic injuries and strains, relaxation, improving sleep and much more! True Wellness uses the iMRS Omnium 1 PEMF Therapy mat and accessories.

Infrared Sauna


The Sunlighten 3-in-1 infrared sauna pulses far, mid, and near infrared light, which is experienced as radiant warmth. The infrared waves penetrate the body up to 2 inches, activating sweat glands and causing fat cells to expel toxins. Some of the many benefits include:

Ajna Light


The Ajna Light shines frequencies of light over the pineal gland to stimulate a deep meditative and relaxed state. The light takes users out of a high beta (stress) state into a deeply relaxed state for better clarity of mind and emotions, reduced anxiety, and better sleep. 

Vibration Platform


Vibrations of the Vibration Platform cause muscles to lengthen and contract at a magnified rate. Benefits include:

BioHarmonic Vibe Bed Experience


Experience a full-body harmonic resonance experience with the help of the Vibe Bed by Bioharmonic Technologies. Utilizing specific sound frequencies termed "Sonic-ceuticals" each Vibe Bed session helps cleanse cellular memory, activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, and allows you to get into a deep meditative state by increasing alpha and delta brain waves. Raise cellular coherence, promote emotional healing, trauma release, and raise your vibration with our newest addition, the Vibe Bed!  

Vizr (previously the "NeuroVizr"


Vizr harnesses the power of neuroplasticity, your brain's innate ability to adapt and grow, through its FIRST LANGUAGE system—a unique blend of carefully crafted audio-visual programs that effortlessly communicate with your brain. Say goodbye to mundane drills; Vizr offers a diverse library of immersive "Collections" tailored to various moods and needs, from stress-relieving ocean scenes to focus-boosting landscapes. The Vizr helps support sharper focus, improved memory, better sleep quality, reduced stress, anxiety, and heightened creativity—all through the magic of neuroplasticity!



FLOWpresso®, a clinically proven system for better sleep and stress reduction, utilizes a comfortable bodysuit with innovative technology. It combines three powerful approaches: deep pressure therapy for relaxation, far-infrared heat for muscle recovery, and compression therapy for detoxification. Additionally, a nano vibrational disc near the neck interacts with the far-infrared heat, creating a unique experience that promotes inner balance and complements the other benefits, ultimately leaving you feeling restored and revitalized.


*Tier 1 Price= $80.00 per FlowPresso Session ($10.00 off regular pricing)
*Tier 2 Price: $60.00 per FlowPresso Session ($30.00 off regular pricing)


Ion Cleanse Footbath


We rely on the ION CLEANSE® foot bath to gently and naturally detoxify our clients, one foot at a time! This twenty minute detox pulls toxins through your feet using an ionizer. After placing your feet in the water and turning the unit on, millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize your tissues’ acid waste. After the bath ends, you are able to see which waste has left your body, including heavy metals, yeast, and drainage from major organs & meridians.

A foot bath is a great addition to many of the sessions at True Wellness and can aid in a quicker return to health. We highly suggest any body work, FlowPresso sessions, or Sauna Session be coupled with an ION CLEANSE® footbath to effectively assist in the body’s lymphatic drainage and elimination.



*Tier 1 Price= $30.00 per footbath ($5.00 off regular pricing)
*Tier 2 Price: $25.00 per footbath ($10.00 off regular pricing)

Tier 2 Exclusive: Bodywork Discount


Utilizing the principles of Kelly's F.L.O.W.E.Formula Technique, an exclusive approach she has mastered over the past 26 years on herself and 19 years in practice, each session you experience with one of our talented bodyworkers is sure to be transformational. Depending on which Level of FLOWE you opt for, sessions might include Lymph Node Release Technique (LNRT), Lymphatic Enhancement Technology (L.E.T.) Rapid Release Technology, Visceral Manipulation, Sound of Soul, etc. Session prices depend on practitioner rates and the time scheduled.


*Tier 2 Exclusive Pricing= $40.00 off any bodywork session with Sarah or Olivia

Tier 2 Exclusive: Discounted Sound of Soul Sessions


Sound of Soul by AquaQuinta® is a revolutionary technology that utilizes your Heart Rate Variability and converts that frequency into sound and light. The fundamental thought of Sound of Soul is that your own body is your best healer. If you give it the opportunity in the right environment to unify the self with its surroundings, you can awaken your body's natural healing state.


*Tier 2 Exclusive Pricing= $70.00 off any 1-hour Sound of Soul session with Sarah ($130 instead of $200)