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True Wellness Packages

With a desire to provide packages and comprehensive plans that remain customizable for over 19 years, we've taken your feedback to heart. After extensive thought, contemplation, and recognizing patterns, we've crafted package options meticulously. These choices now stand as your pathway to an enriched and transformative client journey. 

Our carefully crafted packages are your personalized roadmap to achieving optimal well-being. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of your wellness journey, our packages encompass a comprehensive array of assessments and therapies. These include assessments to guide practitioner care, ensuring that your body is receptive to therapy and that we're in sync with your body's innate regulation. You'll experience rejuvenating bodywork to enhance fascia and lymphatic flow, emotional work to nurture mental equilibrium, and advanced therapeutic technologies to invigorate your health and regeneration. As you progress, we'll assess your quantitative and satisfactory progress before moving to the next level of care. Our approach remains adaptable, with room for customization beyond the package to meet your unique needs. These packages form the foundational building blocks for achieving results, emphasizing self-care and home recommendations over traditional healthcare.

True Wellness is dedicated to guiding each body towards optimal regeneration. Through this process, we empower and enlighten you about your body's functioning, fostering self-responsibility for your health care – true self-care.

Body Packages

In this sequence of therapies we bring our attention to the physical body, opening the structure and changing its “filters.” While we stimulate the lymphatic flow and unlock the “stuck” fascial system, we simultaneously address the physical, mental and emotional releases that often present themselves during this process. These releases, encompassing toxins, pathogens, traumas, and emotional barriers, can trigger responses when physical flow within fascia and lymphatic work is revived. It is like we say, “It is not that your lymph is not moving, it is what is in your lymph and fascia that is now moving that starts to create reactions.” This package sequence is to assure that as you open that drainage, you will be supporting the detox pathways, emunctory organs (elimination organs,) and all the emotional release that coincides with this phenomenon. 

This package is where most new clients will start, regardless of their journey, due to the fact that most practitioners do not address this monumental, foundation step of physically opening drainage and getting the body into receiving, parasympathetic mode. This is the step to get someone ‘unstuck” so now we can really move.

Mind Packages

If your body is open, your drainage and elimination pathways are not an issue yet you experience brain fog, lack of clarity, or a persistently overactive mind, this sequence will effectively guide the transformation you are in pursuit of. Cleaning the mucosal lining, going deeper into the lymphatics and fascia of the head and neck to drain the brain, and enhancing oxygen supply to the brain and therefore the entire body is paramount to regenerative healing. This is great for people needing to learn how to “BE”- being fully present, tranquil, and at ease while embracing the breath of life. It enables us to release the turmoil, finding tranquility and stillness in the present moment.

This package is where most new clients will start, regardless of their journey, due to the fact that most practitioners do not address this monumental, foundation step of physically opening drainage and getting the body into receiving, parasympathetic mode. This is the step to get someone ‘unstuck” so now we can really move.

Spirit Packages

If you've made significant progress in your wellness journey, with open pathways for drainage and elimination, improved cognitive health, and overall oxygenation but are looking to take your health to the next level, our Spirit Packages are for you. They are designed to fully unlock your body's innate wisdom, freeing your spirit and elevate your spirit and allowing you to activate your bliss state.

Scar Essentials Package

Scars can act as powerful interference fields within our body, disrupting the flow of energy and information. They can particularly affect the body's meridian system, as blockages at scar sites can propagate energy disturbances along these pathways, causing referred blockages in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. This interconnected network underscores how addressing scar-related interference is vital for maintaining the body's holistic balance and overall health.

Pre-Amalgam Essentials Package

Designed to prepare your body for upcoming amalgam remediation surgery and/or any dental-work that might expose you to heavy metals or toxins. This package is priced for three  in-person visits.

Post-Amalgam Upgraded Package

Tailored for post-amalgam remediation or intensive dental work, this offering supports your body and mind during this crucial phase. Our therapies are strategically chosen to aid lymphatic flow, toxin drainage, and metal excretion, enhancing your body's natural detoxification processes as you transition to better health.

Questions & Answers

How Long Does Each Package Take? 

Our "Matrix Essentials" Packages, designed for a 3-month duration, offer the flexibility to be completed within a 9-month timeframe, and it's essential to note that they must be paid in full within 9-months. On the other hand, our "Matrix Upgraded" Packages, originally spanning 6 months, can be extended up to 12 months with full payment required within these 12-months. Scar Therapy packages should be completed within a quick 2-week timeframe. Our "Pre-Amalgam Essentials" package is strategically intended for completion 4 weeks ahead of the procedure date.

Are Supplements Included? 

The cost of supplements is not included in the cost of the package. There is still customization for each client so we are leaving this out of the packages to allow for flexibility.  Practitioners or the members/clients of True Wellness can also add sessions, therapies, nebulizers, etc. making suggestions for further comprehensive care, if needed at any point throughout the process.  

For “Essentials” packages, clients can expect between $100-250 dollars per month extra for supplements. For “Upgraded” packages, clients can expect an additional $350-500 extra per month for supplements.  Please note, supplement recommendations are tailored to client needs and so this number is reflective of that individuality.. 

What About Other Services? 

We will continue to offer our a la cart services and therapies as we always have. You are welcome to add-on additional therapies or services to your package. Each add-on will be paid for on the date the service or therapy is scheduled. 

Is There a Payment Plan?

With our payment plans, clients have the flexibility to split their payments over 3, 6, or 9 months for all Essential packages and over 6, 9, or 12 months for the Upgraded Packages. This allows for more accessible payment options while still receiving the comprehensive services offered in each package. Please note, for those who choose a payment plan option, a $300 premium will be added to the total price. For example, if you choose an Upgrade Package originally priced at $6,500, your total payment will actually be $6,800.  

If I Have an Existing Treatment Plan, Can I Switch to a Package? 

Transitioning from a treatment plan to a package will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis. 

Can I Substitute Services? 

Service substitutions are not permissible. Each package has been meticulously curated to provide distinct advantages and outcomes. 

What is the Service Transfer & Expiry Policy

Packages cannot be transferred between clients. Please be advised that any services included in the package you have purchased from The True Wellness Center must be scheduled and utilized within one-year from the date of purchase. Failure to do so will result in the expiration of the unused services. We regret that expired services cannot be refunded, credited, or rescheduled. To make the most of your package and ensure you receive the intended benefits, we recommend booking your appointments in advance and considering the expiration timeframe.  

How Fast Will I Experience Results? 

The timeline for experiencing results is unique for everyone and depends on various factors. Your body's response to treatments is individualized, and it's essential to consider your lifestyle choices. Your daily practices, such as choosing organic foods, drinking clean, filtered water, connecting with nature, using holistic approaches like castor oil packs, and adopting toxin-free products, can significantly influence your progress. Staying committed to this lifestyle and continually educating yourself, such as through Kelly's podcast, will empower you to experience the most significant transformations on your wellness journey.