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Initial Consult Package $1,200

True Wellness Studio Membership

Virtual Services

F.L.O.W. Services

(Fascia Lymph Optimize Wellness)

Pricing is for active True Wellness clients (office visit within last six months). Active client pricing is maintained by obtaining (1)FLOW session per quarter. Inactive clients can obtain special pricing after scheduling a 20 minute wellness appointment and Heart Rate Variability Test (HRV)

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VIBE Bed Experience $60

Utilizing distinct sound frequencies and full body harmonic resonance, the VIBE Bed’s technology acts on every cell of the body and deeply penetrates your connective tissues helping you to relax, revive, and rejuvenate. When paired with the NeuroVizr, a device that uses light and sound to stimulate the brain, you get an immersive experience that improves the mind, body, and soul.  

Ion Cleanse ® Detox Foot Bath