Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

​​Test Cost: $75.00

This is an assessment tool that is utilized to accurately and quantitatively assess the present status of the autonomic nervous system and the regulatory capacity of the client. Every client of True Wellness has this assessment performed. It gives us a usable and repeatable baseline status of proper function. The HRV assesses the body’s general regulation, representing not only the current health status of the person but also their ability to naturally heal. We use this as a guideline to manage the client’s protocols. This is also a great tool to quantitatively chart the progress that is being made throughout the process. Assessing regulation gives us a window into how well the body vacillates between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Regulation is key at True Wellness, if you regulate properly than you can compensate. Appropriate compensation leads to health.

Muscle Response Testing (M.R.T.)

​​Cost: Pricing per Practitioner rates.

Muscle response testing is the foundation to many of the techniques utilized at True Wellness. Eliminating the tendency to guess based on symptoms, muscle response testing solicits a reflex from the body and leads the trained practitioner to conclusions backed by the body’s reflex response. Muscle response testing is used today throughout healthcare practices from holistic nutritionists and acupuncturists to medical doctors. This is a non-invasive way to assess the regulation of the client, which is done at each visit. Proper regulation is the balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems (the autonomic nervous system) and for the system to properly compensate for the “stress” the body is under, both internal and external. This is a skill, although M.R.T. can be learned and each client will learn how to “feel” the muscle test as they go through the process at at True Wellness.

Contact Regulation Thermography (CRT)​​

Test Cost: $250 (Price includes CRT adminstration & HRV. Follow-up appointment at practitioner pricing required to read results)

EDIAM Contact (Computer) Regulation Thermography is a specialized computer assessment test used in the European Biological approach to determine the state of compensation and regulation of each organ in the body. This test is recommended for anyone with a “diagnosis” or anyone that is truly interested in being preventative to see where the problems are beginning and address them before they become a “diagnosis”. Temperature is the basis for this sensitive test.

Temperature is the first indicator that there is an issue somewhere in the body, the body’s way to try to correct and bring blood flow and energy to an area. As the Heart Rate Variability is a general look into healthy function, the C.R.T. is precise utilizing 128 points on the body and gives the practitioner a detailed assessment of our state of health. Essentially the 128 points are measured with a temperature probe (completely non-invasive); each tooth is done, 13 points on each breast as well as many other points throughout the head, neck and torso. After the initial points are completed the client is instructed to stand in the room, with all the measured points now exposed, for about 10 minutes to “compensate” to cooler conditions. Then all 128 points are re-measured.

Many women seek this particular test as a radiation-free alternative to mammograms. The test takes about one hour to administer and is done under preparatory conditions. The 30 minute follow up with Kelly Kennedy is an additional cost.

Hair Mineral Analysis (HMA)

Test Cost: $200.00 (Price per laboratory results only. Follow-up 20 minute appointment at practitioner pricing required to read results)

The composition of our hair tells us if we are mineral deficient or dealing with toxic metals. There are also ratios of each mineral that have further indications for how the body and organs are functioning, i.e., thyroid, adrenals. Dealing with a heavy metal burden can block the natural process of the body especially if we are lacking other important trace minerals.

The hair mineral analysis is a painless lab test, requiring a small sample of the client’s hair which is sent away for lab testing and evaluation. If desired, the HMA, along with HRV and CRT testing, offers a complete, detailed picture of a person’s current state of burden. Kelly Kennedy will then review the results with the client to help them understand what the testing has indicated in regards to their health. This test can be done multiple times to track heavy metal detoxification and mineral intake of client.