“Contemporary medicine is largely the management of diseases and the suppression of their symptoms. The Biological approach is the science of achieving optimal health and the study of what causes man to thrive…

True Wellness uses the multi-disciplined method centered in the European Biological approach with a focus on naturally assisting the body to relieve its toxic load and restore its proper function holistically.”

– Ian Kennedy, True Wellness Director

A European BioRegulatory Approach to Health

The True Wellness Center is a nutritionally-based, European Biological center whose philosophy is focused on the understanding that today’s health challenges arise from layers of toxic health stressors and a lack of proper nutrition. Over time these health stressors cause a breakdown in a person’s immune system and a disruption in the natural self-regulation or compensation of the body, eventually leading to symptoms and dis-ease.

True Wellness focuses on clearing the physical, environmental, toxic, and emotional stressors from one’s body.  Ultimately our goal is to remove the toxic build-up by utilizing individualized and computerized analyses along with a specialized personal wellness program. Each program is specifically tailored to Restore, Maintain and Enhance each individual’s own self regulation capacity.

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