FLOWE with Kelly Kennedy



Listen and watch each month as Kelly and her amazing colleagues take you on a journey from your mouth to the inside of the cell and everything in the middle.

There is no need to sit in fear of viruses, cancer, bacteria, metals, emotional stress or any other toxins any longer. Rest well once you are guarded with the proper understanding and knowledge of HOW THE BODY REALLY WORKS. Welcome to the foundation of health and the world of Naturally Oriented Therapists and Medically Enlightened Doctors and Specialists

“If you wanna live a healthy lifestyle, if you wanna live empowered, if you wanna live elevated… you surround yourself
“Thyroid hormone: we relate it with the metabolism of the body. But it goes further than that. It controls pretty
“Our heart is always different, from one heartbeat to the next. And we have this variation… your heart is always
“We can only do what we have in our belief system and a belief system is simply a thought we
“You’ve got to clean out the body to calm yourself down.” ~ Dr. Stephanie Canestraro How does the vagus nerve
“Quantum biology is really about this universal connection. I couldn’t think of a more important time for that connection to
Get FREE access to Deanna’s 9-part Fascia Decompression Program: https://kd167.isrefer.com/go/samplerbeatspodcast/truewellnesspa/ “I’ve done all the right things. And yet, I’m getting
It’s easy to think that Medical Practitioners have it all together and that their medical background would provide them all
If you’ve ever experienced chronic ailments and have been recommended treatment that you just didn’t jive with (side effects galore
“You’ll poop better, sleep better, and feel better.” – Dr. Marisol I’m going to put this right here at the