Quantum Biology Unlocked: Exploring the Science of the Unseen with Dr. Catherine Clinton

“Quantum biology is really about this universal connection. I couldn’t think of a more important time for that connection to be explored and revered.”

~ Dr. Catherine Clinton

The topic of Quantum Biology has been gaining a lot more traction in the wellness-sphere as of late, but due to its (seemingly) complex nature, most are passing it by for other topics. What if I told you that grasping Quantum Biology IS the answer to living in harmony with both ourselves and our environment, and you don’t need a PhD to understand it?  

In the latest episode of FLOWE with Kelly Kennedy, I am honored and delighted to be joined by the brilliant Dr. Catherine Clinton, who is passionate about the study of quantum phenomena in living systems. In our conversation, we explore the complex topic of Quantum Biology and dissect it into easy-to-understand tips and actionable steps so that you can start living a fully coherent life, one that is both connected to yourself as well as your environment. 

Join us as we reframe what it means to be truly free – and live in flow.

In this Episode:

-How Dr. Catherine Clinton discovered psycho-neural immunology

-Defining Quantum Biology as we understand the limitations of the Newtonian model of physics

-What impact can understanding quantum biology have on my life?

-Relationship first! An invitation to relate to other human beings

-Connecting with nature and finding beauty in everyday life (as a mirror of ourselves)

-How does relating to others relate to our health? (understanding coherence)

-Information on The Quantum Biology Wellness Summit

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