Vagus Nerve Unveiled: Navigating the Healing Journey with Dr. Stephanie Canestraro

“You’ve got to clean out the body to calm yourself down.” ~ Dr. Stephanie Canestraro

How does the vagus nerve work? And how can we learn more about it to better understand our bodily function, especially when things aren’t going so well?

In today’s episode, Dr. Stephanie Canestraro (the founder of The Vagus Clinic in Toronto) shares her insights on the vagus nerve – and how you can stimulate it yourself to calm down. 

She also addresses the increasing illness anomalies that she’s seeing her clients presenting with.

As someone who’s personally experienced what it feels like to have her vagus nerve “hijacked”, Stephanie brings a very vivid, experiential-based reckoning to her concerns around everything from the chemtrails in the sky and mold in the home to 5G exposure and even vaccines that may, in part, be contributing to these ‘mystery symptoms’ that are suddenly presenting more frequently. 

As we learn more about vibration, energy, and frequency, we are encouraged to do our own research and learn what is within our power to manage our environment and reduce our toxic load. This episode is a great place to start! You needn’t feel overwhelmed as you live in FLOWE. Please join us. 

In this Episode:

-Stephanie’s origin story of how her vagus nerve was “hijacked”

-How Stephanie short-circuited a wireless heart rate monitor!

-Learning about the chemtrails (cloud seeding) exposing us to toxins

-How we are being ‘microwaved’ by 5G frequencies

-What are some of the commonalities that Stephanie is seeing with her patients? 

-How can we live with WiFi while also honoring our bodies and living with consciousness?

-How can we reset our vagus nerve system? 

-Understanding vagal nerve dysfunction

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