Paws and Reflect: Dr. Marlene Siegel’s Six-Step Health Protocol for Pets

“We can only do what we have in our belief system and a belief system is simply a thought we keep repeating until you create a new belief system.”

~ Dr. Marlene Siegel

How can we love and care for our pets with the same holistic approach that we have learned to embrace for ourselves? 

Dr. Marlene Siegel is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine specializing in Bioregulatory Medicine – advocating for the use of natural healing methods to support and care for our beloved fur babies. 

After a horse injury inspired her search for alternative treatments for animals, Dr. Siegel went on a journey of discovery that has led to her becoming a true pioneer in the field of integrative veterinary solutions.

In this engaging episode, discover Dr. Marlene’s six-step holistic approach to pet health, unveiling the secrets of her effective therapies such as lymphatic drainage, fascia work, neuro therapies, and even detox programs (yes, your pets need drainage and detox support too!) The conversation also delves into the heartwarming connection between pets and their owners, exploring how pets can mirror their owner’s health. For all fur baby parents, this insightful discussion will surely resonate.

If you’re ready to embark on a new journey toward your pet’s well-being, Dr. Marlene’s words of wisdom and encouragement are the perfect guide for you and your beloved furry companions.

In this Episode:

-Dr. Marlene’s journey from conventional to holistic veterinary medicine

-Why controlling our negative thoughts is so important (entrainment for your pets)

-Dr. Marlene outlines her 6-step holistic protocol for pet health

-What flea/tick treatments are actually necessary?

-Understanding the connection between a pet and its owner’s emotions and health

-How therapies like lymphatic drainage and fascia work can be applied to animals

-Ion cleanse foot baths for dogs! Other interesting animal stories and treatments

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