Unlocking the Heart’s Secrets: An Exploration of Heart Rate Variability with Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen

“Our heart is always different, from one heartbeat to the next. And we have this variation… your heart is always changing. And this is the beauty. Our heart is an open system.”

~ Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen

What is Heart Rate Variability – and how can we better understand it to listen to our bodies? 

For Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, appreciating our heart as more than just a pump, but rather as the conductor of our body’s orchestra, coordinating all our different frequencies and vibrations, is where the listening begins. 

Rasmus is a ‘vibration virtuoso’, water scientist extraordinaire, and a pioneer in the Mind-Heart Connection. His work has led him to develop innovative methodologies and techniques for measuring the profound connections between your heart’s rhythms and your body’s reactions. 

Today’s heartfelt conversation explores heart rate variability as a measure of our body’s flexibility and ability to adapt to stress. Rasmus’s equipment, the Sound of Soul, mirrors our physical and emotional hearts, offering us deep physiological and philosophical insights and reminding us that love creates coherence. 

Learn about how heart rate variability can be used to assess your health and vitality as we talk about how coherence of the heart can facilitate the body’s natural healing processes. Please join us.

In this Episode:

-What does coherence in the heart mean?

-Why healing is always individual

-A rigid heart can’t harmonize frequencies

-Understanding heart rate variability, EKG, and ECG

-Testing heart rate variability

-Why isn’t heart rate variability commonly accepted yet? 

-Unpacking the therapeutic aspects of heart rate variability

-Heart rate variability as a tool to learn what our body is communicating

-Getting your respiratory sinus arrhythmia to function 

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Heart Masterclass – Unlock the Heart’s Magic: Explore the Connection Between Our Heart’s Rhythms & Our Body’s Responses!https://www.flowintohealth.com/unlock-the-hearts-magic


Sound of Soulhttps://www.aquaquinta.com/en/sound-of-soul/ 

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Learn More About Sound of Soul: https://thetruewellnesscenter.com/sound-of-soul/ 

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