Methylene Blue for Immunity, Inflammation, Mood, & More! with Dr. John Lieurance

It’s easy to think that Medical Practitioners have it all together and that their medical background would provide them all the answers to fix themselves when something is wrong but frustratingly, that isn’t the case.

If you’ve had symptoms that no one can seem to diagnose and you just don’t know how to get healthier, you’ll likely relate to my guest today, Dr. John Lorenz. A doctor who was severely sick and just couldn’t figure out what was causing his illness.

Dr. John Lorenz is a chiropractor, naturopath, and founder of the MitoZen Wellness Center in Sarasota FL. But it took him years and a lot of testing and research to figure out what was going to work for him.

Where did it lead him? Methylene blue, a substance coined as a magic bullet with crazy Oxygen benefits.

We talk about what it is, how it works on a cellular level to boost mitochondrial function, and some of the many conditions it can help like infections, depression, and neurological disorders.

Here’s some of the other juicy details shared in this episode:

-John’s journey in health and career

-Cranial facial reset and its benefits

-How fear (your parasympathetic state) slows down healing 

-Sourcing clean Methylene Blue

-Background & Research on Methylene Blue

-Mitozen Club membership to avoid science censorship

-What is Methylene Blue & benefits

-Is it a performance enhancing drug? 

-Methylene blue as a treatment for depression

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