Unexpected Healing from Light, Saunas and Photon Therapy with Brian Richards

If you’ve ever experienced chronic ailments and have been recommended treatment that you just didn’t jive with (side effects galore anyone?), you’ll relate with my guest today.

Brian Richards, founder of Sauna Space, has joined me today to discuss the healing benefits of light therapy. (Find his amazing light therapy products here https://sauna.space/truewellness)

Light therapy dates back over 130 years and clinical studies have shown its ability to reduce risks of all-cause mortality and even dementia. It also has the power to stimulate both mitochondrial function and melatonin production (that means better sleep for the insomniacs out there).

In this episode, we’ll talk about how light therapy works, its safety, its effects on the body and the different types.

Tune in to learn more about incorporating the power of light into your wellness routine!

In this episode:

-History of light therapy (Sauna’s creation)

-Starting Sauna Space

-Why is blue light bad? How light works in our bodies

-Electrical lights (incandescence) vs LED light (fluorescent)

-Retrain your body to absorb the sun

-Benefits of sauna therapy

-Is heat bad for Lymphedema?

-Light therapy for kids, anxiety, and technology fatigue

Resources Mentioned:

Light Therapeutics – https://www.amazon.com/Light-Therapeutics-John-Harvey-Kellogg/dp/1162581417

Invisible Rainbow – https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Rainbow-History-Electricity-Life/dp/1645020096  

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