Podcast Name Change Alert! From The Beats to FLOWE

If you’ve previously listened to or watched the show, you might have noticed it’s been some time since my last episode. Here’s why.

I’ve been busy rebranding and refocusing my message. 

After many years of helping people restore their health through customized approaches, I’ve realized there are some foundational practices that can help both maintain and optimize wellness.

Being so, I’m excited to introduce my “F.L.O.W.E.” framework which stands for Fascia, Lymph, Oxygen, Water, and Energy. 

As someone who overcame health issues by working on the foundations, tapping into alternative modalities, and embracing the concept that our bodies are working for us and have the innate ability to heal, I want to empower you with the tools that helped me reach where I am today so that you can reach your health potential too. FLOWE focuses on getting these key systems working together in harmony. 

Moving forward, I’ll be sharing more content to help people gain understanding and achieve “flowe states” of well-being.

Some highlights of what I’ve learned about each element: 

-Fascia is the connective fabric that holds our structure and function. 

-Lymph is the filtered fluid that carries information through the body. 

-Proper breathing is key for oxygenating our cells. 

-Water is needed to hold energy and allow the body to compensate. 

-And a free-flowing exchange of energy is vital for health.

My goal is to help more people experience the joy, happiness and abundant life I’ve found through 26 years of learning and applying these principles. 

I’m so grateful to share this journey with all of you and can’t wait to continue the conversation so that you too can attain true wellness! 

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