(Ep. 87) Understanding the Lymphatic System

On this weeks episode of The Beats we present to you Kelly’s talk from BRMI’s 2021 conference in Scottsdale, AZ. In her presentation we explore the lymphatic system, what it is, how it is connected to our inner and outer flow and practical ways to enhance our FLOW.

Show notes||

0:00 | Introduction

1:30 | Kelly’s story

4:00 | We are no longer moving forward with NOTMEDS*

6:30 | Get up and get your lymph moving!

8:50 | What is the flow state?

10:00 | What heals the body?

13:50 | What is the autonomic nervous system?

15:15 | What is heart rate variability? and other assessment technology.

19:23 | What affects regulation?

24:20 | The power of the heart

28:30 | Health is a journey

32:55 | How do we improve our heart rate variability?

34:28 | What does lymph have to do with FLOW?

37:05 | How did Kelly become the lymph queen?

38:30 | Signs that the lymph is stagnant?

39:50 | What do we know about the lymphatic system

45:00 | The parts of the lymphatic system

51:20 | Kelly grew bone?!

54:10 | What clogs the lymphatics?

58:40 | How to create flow?

1:07:15 | Stimulating the lymph nodes

1:11:00 | How to properly dry brush

1:24:20 | Why is it important to focus on the fascia?

Resources Mentioned||

Watch more of the presentations from the BRMI Conference HEREnotmedsglobal.com The Beats Podcast Lymphatic Stimulation PDF How to Properly Dry Brush Video Manual Lymphatic Stimulation Lymph Node Release Technique Training 2/26-27 in King of Prussia PA FLOWpresso The True Wellness Center

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