(Ep. 88) The True Wellness Center in Review

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we invite Kelly’s “Neo’, Ian Kennedy on to discuss the evolution of The True Wellness Center over the years. How they got to where they are, the plans that they have for the future and so much more! Ian always brings an expanded viewpoint to the conversation, this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

Show notes ||

0:00 | Introduction

1:30 | Why is the move “The Matrix” so significant to Kelly?

3:00 | How did True Wellness start?

6:25 | Technology helps us understand what humans really are

11:00 | Recapping the evolution of True Wellness

14:50 | Kelly’s personal journey

22:43 | Transformation happens when we are uncomfortable

26:40 | What do they do at True Wellness?

28:30 | The elements and how they relate to the feminine and masculine composition

34:20 | Upcoming events and classes

45:40 | Dr. Joe Dispenza and his team proving the healing capability of mediation

49:10 | Creating a foundation and supporting your inner environment for your body to heal itself

54:31 | The symbolism behind the True Wellness logo branding

58:00 | From our heart to yours, truly!

Resources Mentioned||

Lymph Node Release Technique Training

True Wellness Master Class with Ian & Kelly at Sullivan’s Island Charleston SC & the True Wellness Center PA

Spiritual Walk to a Sacred Place – late spring

Female Frequency Upgrade Oct 17-19 Scottsdale AZ

BRMI Event Oct 13-16 Scottsdale AZ

Senator Ron Johnson Rountable Discussion: Co-vid 19- A second opinion

Aubrey Marcus Interview with Zach Bush: Beyond the Virus of Fear & Guilt 


Sound of Soul


Sunlighten Sauna

NES health

Zero point energy wand