Bonus Episode: Get into the FLOW of Life with Kelly Kennedy

This week we are bringing you an bonus episode of Kelly Kennedy being interviewed by the lovely Dr. Christine Schaffner on The Energy Summit! In this interview Dr. Christine asks Kelly about the fundamental aspects of what helps us attain a flow state.

Show notes||

0:00| Introduction

1:20 | What does it mean to Kelly to be in the FLOW state?

4:35 | What is it that inhibit people from attaining flow?

7:35 | The importance of acknowledging the fascia

12:30 | How does the lymphatic system help us get into the FLOW state?

20:00 | Kelly shares lymphatic stimulation technique she uses to help FLOW

28:45 | How does Kelly work with the heart to improve FLOW

Resources Mentioned||

Sofia FLOW Cream now LYMPHFLOW Cream

The Beats Podcast

Lymphatic Stimulation PDF

How to Properly Dry Brush Video

Manual Lymphatic Stimulation Video

Lymph Node Release Technique Training– Scheduled 2/26-27 in King of Prussia PA


The True Wellness Center


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