(Ep. 83) Becoming the Good Child with Sarge Goodchild

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we invite the amazing Sarge Goodchild on to share his story, how he became the practitioner he is today and what he offers in order to help restore his clients regulation. After this episode it will be surprising if you are not yearning to meet Sarge and visit him at his office.

Sargent Goodchild is the founder and practitioner at Active Healing of Beverly, Massachusetts. He has worked for 26 years with children who have a braod spectrum of disabilities. Over the past 6 years he has grown his holistic clinic with additional services to support adults desiring to maintain health to recover from complex medical diagnoses.

Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

2:30 | Was Sarge vaXXNE injured? and his story

34:30 | How Sarge come into his career?

41:30 | What does it mean to ‘cut their heal cord’

46:20 | Sarge’s goal for the children he works with

50: 30 | Why do we have a body?

51:30 | The damaging affects of putting children in a jolly jumper

53:20 | As a society we have to admit that we were wrong

57:15 | Are those unvaXX**ed being irresponsible?

1:04:50 | Has Sarge’s work influenced other practitioners?

1:08:50 | What is Sarge’s secret for the world?

1:12:30 | What is Active Healings mission?

1:14:40 | What kind of people come to Active Healing?

In the second part of…… Becoming the Good Child with Sarge GoodChild on The Beats, Sarge gives us a tour of his amazing office so we can get a better understanding of how and where the magic happens! We invite you to watch the second half here on Youtube.

1:14:45 | Who is Sarge and why is work is so vital Sarge gives us a tour of Active Healing

1:22:14| PEMF MAT The results Sarge has gotten with it

1:24:40 | Ion Cleanse by A Major Difference The amazing results he has seen from Ion cleanse with autism

1:29:46 | Sunlighten Infrared Sauna How he uses the sauna and its importance

1:33:20 | Oxygen & Turbosonic

1:40:40 | Crawling space with the kids

1:45:00 | The benefits of hanging up side down


Connect with Sarge! sarge@activehealing.org

Instagram :@ActiveHealingInc

Neurodevelopmental Movement Technique www.activehealing.org

Resources Mentioned ||

Plato Theory of the Caves

Sonic Whole Body Vibration – www.soniclife.com

IonCleanse by AMD detoxifying foot baths-


Far Infrared Saunas – www.Sunlighten.com

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy – www.swissbionic.com

Audio-Visual Entrainment – www.mindalive.com

Exercise with Oxygen Therapy – www.MaxxO2.com

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