(Ep. 84) Exploring the Quantum Field with Dr. Bernard Straile

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we invite the brilliant Dr. Bernard Straile on to discuss the his invention of the IMAET. In this episode we are taking you from a flinestone car up to the modern day tesla, this is the result of tapping into the quantum field to harness its infinite potential.

Dr. Bernard Straile, is a holistic chiropractor and the chief clinician at the TOTAL WELLNESS CENTER in Syracuse, NY. He achieved his chiropractic doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 1994. His academic background from his native Germany is in mathematics and psychology. Dr. Straile has been involved in clinical research since 1974. He is the author of several books, his latest “One Thousand Shades of Pink”, a compilation of clinical cases resolved with functional genomics as reflected in his SHOW Method. He is the founder of the SHOW Method, an epigenetic healing technique and the developer of the IMAET System, an Advanced Quantum biofeedback device.

Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

2:42 | The story behind Dr. Straile’s development of the IMAET?

7:50 | We are connected to the universe

9:15 | How our environment effects our DNA

18:30 | How did we figure out that 528 Hz heals DNA?

22:20 | How does the IMAET work to acknowledge say damaged DNA in the body?

27:00 | Would similar fruits be close in frequency?

29: 30 | How does the IMAET work and why is it even more effective then muscle testing?

39:00 | How does the IMAET work at a distance?

43:30 | How does the IMAET know you versus someone else?

48:10 | Is the IMAET cheating?

51:30 | Why is the Lymphatic system a primary program to run on the IMAET?

56:51 | How does the IMAET treat emotions?

1:01:00 | The power of water and it’s ability to hold frequencies

1:04:00 Does the IMAEt treat positive and negative emotions?

1:08 :10 | In order to heal you have to become aware

1:10 :24 | How to learn more about Dr. Strailie and everything he has to offer

1:12:14 | What is Dr Straile’s secret for the world?

Connect with Dr. Straile||






Become a Wellness Coach, https://www.smarthealth4u.org/become-a-wellness-coach

Change epigenetic expression with IMAET Biofeedback, https://www.imaet.com/

One Thousand Shades of Pink, https://www.smarthealth4u.org/buy-book

Resources Mentioned||

Dr.Joe Dispenza

The True Wellness Center

Dr. Emoto

Dr. Zach Bush