(Ep. 80) Using Vibrant Blue Oils to Induce a Parasympathetic State with Jodi Cohen

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we sit down with the Jodi Cohen Founder of Vibrant Blue Oils. In this episode we learn about Jodi’s journey and Vibrant Oils came to be what it is today. We also explore the powerful impact that Vibrant oils have on the parasympathetic nervous system and why this is crucial for our overall well-being.

Jodi Sternoff Cohen is a bestselling author, award-winning journalist, functional practitioner and founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, where she has combined her training in nutritional therapy and aromatherapy to create unique proprietary blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils. She has helped over 50,000 clients heal from brain related challenges, including anxiety, insomnia, and autoimmunity.

Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

2:15 | Who is Jodi Cohen?

9:50 | Jodi explains the parasympathetic nervous system and how it changed everything for her

16:25| About Jodi’s essential oil company and how it came to be vibrant blue

20:00 | The most efficient way Jodi finds to use essential oils

20:55 | Treating the parasympathetic system versus the individual organs or glands

24:00 | What does Vibrant Blue Essential Oils mean to Jodi?

26:00 | How Jodi persisted through her powerful life experiences

28:10 | Instead of pushing through learn how to take space and make minor adjustments

31:15 | The power of smell

32:28 | Jodi’s secret for the world

Connect with Jodi||


Website: https://vibrantblueoils.com

FB: @vibrantblueoils

IG: @vibrantblueoils

** BOOST THE BRAIN eBook: https://boostthebrainbook.com/gift/ **

Resources Mentioned||

Ceres Homeopathic Tinctures

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