(Ep. 8) The Heart Behind “Sound of Soul” with creator, Rasmus Gaupp Bergenhausen

The music within you is real and its purpose to is to heal. It is a concept that is to be reckoned with and today Rasmus Gaupp-Bergenhausen will be talking about it. He has the highest technical degree in engineering in Austria and he has also worked with Masaru Emoto for years. As a result, he found the relation between HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and Music as Colour Light. Through algorithms, the vibrations of the HRV are directly translated into audible frequencies of sound and visible frequencies of color light and Dr. Rasmus called it ‘Sound of Soul’.


This episode show note contains the following highlights:


[00:45] Introducing Rasmus Gaupp-Bergenhausen; founder of ‘Sound of Soul’


[02:43] How the technology of Sound of Soul came about and how it is measured


[07:02] Ongoing research surrounding the art of heart rate variations


[11:32] Connection of the hearts during the pandemic is vital for the regeneration of our bodies


[13:30] The disadvantage of the brain in the healing power that our heart uses for bioregulation


[14:16] Listening to your own natural music heals you


[17:53] Heartrate durability affects the way the body regenerates


[19:32] Fear as the source of heart rhythm disorder especially during this ongoing pandemic


[22:35] Sound and color light therapy


[30:13] In Tension and Anti-tension


[34:38] Sound of soul therapy is for the use of everybody


[36:25] “The person who makes the testing sometimes makes great pictures”


[42:50] The source of the soul is connected to people and the environment and has its purpose


[44:49] Stay healthy with physical exercise, understand the brain, learn breathing techniques, and educate yourselves


[48:57] Life is a change of motion


[49:51] Sound of the soul is also an emotive therapy


[52:26] Using the vibrations of the heart frequency and change it to sound thus bringing light to yourself and others


[54:28] Instead of being afraid of what a diagnosis can do, take care of your heart, body, and soul with music


[1:00:33] Other therapies are just an addition to Sound of Soul Therapy




“There’s no two heartbeats in your entire life that are ever going to be the same.”

“The most beautiful description of liveliness is the change in movement.”

“The more we focus on our brain, the more we disconnect to each other. The more we disconnect to the healing power of our surroundings.”

“Nobody will ever cure you, you will always cure yourself.”

“When we work with our bodies and we allow it to happen. We look like we’re making magic but it’s really just simply happening because it wants to heal it wants to survive.”

“In a situation, you have three possibilities: change it leave it or accept it.”

“We’re not stagnant beings we’re ever-evolving, ever dynamic beings that are constantly moving and changing and shifting.

“Your beat which is unique is beautiful, you’re beautiful inside, every part of you is beautiful and that is your healing capacity.”



Rasmus Gaupp-Bergenhausen link: https://www.aquaquinta.com/en/sound-of-soul/