(Ep. 101) A Heart Centered Healing Journey with Sarah Eckhard

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we invite my dopleganger Sarah Eckhard. Sarah is an integral part of the The True Wellness Center as a body worker, empowerment coach and my right hand woman! We hope you enjoy this episode of getting to know Sarah and all that she went through to become the amazing woman she is today!

Sarah Eckhard first found True Wellness as a client in 2017 while she was in search of answers for her chronic skin problems, not yet aware that she was really searching for answers to heal her broken heart. It was a long journey to health and Sarah absorbed as much as True Wellness would teach her about her own healing process and the way our emotions connect with our physical sensations; this piece of the philosophy of Biological Medicine was what she had always believed to be true about health but had never experienced as a patient of typical western medicine.

Show Notes

3:21 | Kelly discusses how she first met Sarah

5:00 | Sarah talks about how she started at True Wellness

7:51 | How a tragic event changed the path of Sarah’s life

18:52 | Sarah’s solo travel experience to Europe

20:36 | How her yoga practice was central to her healing

22:37 | Sarah’s health issues, particularly with her skin

24:46 | Her introduction to The True Wellness Center

32:38 | Sarah talks about “Earthing”

35:41 | Sarah’s mindset shift as the key to her healing

38:36 | Kelly on the importance of letting go of the outcome

43:67 | Sarah shares her secret

To schedule a F.LO.W appointment with Sarah please call us at 267-308-0777 or checkout our services at thetruewellnesscenter.com.

Sarahs Instagram: @Everupwardwellness

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