(Ep. 4) Medical Insights into your Body’s Wisdom with Dr. Ralf Oettmeier

This week on  “The Beats with Kelly Kennedy”,  we revisit a foundational bio-regulaory episdoe with Dr. Ralf Oettmeier to discuss the difference between Bioregulatory medicine and functional medicine. Kelly and Ralf talk about the limitations of functional medicine, the intelligence of our immune systems, and our body’s ability to adapt. Dr. Oettmeier explains why he combines medical and dental care in the same facility and how the lymphatic system plays a key role in determining the health of our immune system.


About the Guest

Dr. Oettmeier is Founder and Chief Physician of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais, Switzerland and President of IGIMP (Internationale Gesellschaft für Immunbiologie, Milieumedizin und Pleomorphologie – the International Society of Immunology, Milieu Medicine, & Pleomorphology). He is the author of the book Say YES to LIFE: Integrative Biological Medicine and Dentistry for the treatment of chronic diseases and cancer.


Alpstein Clinic Website: https://www.alpstein-clinic.ch/en/

Alpstein Clinic Email: info@alpstein-clinic.ch

Alpstein Clinic Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alpsteinclinic

Alpstein Clinic Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alpsteinclinic/

Buy his book: Say Yes to Life 


Episode Timeline:

[00:00] Intro

[01:05] Introducing Dr. Ralf Oettmeier

[02:57] The difference between Bioregulatory medicine and functional medicine

[06:23] What is regulatory testing?

[08:56] The role of adaptability and the autonomic nervous system in our lives

[15:40] Why the mouth is involved

[19:48] The connection between the lymphatic system and the immune system

[26:50] How to know if you have a problem in your lymph

[28:37] It’s about drainage, not detox

[30:44] How Dr. Oettmeier got involved in biological medicine

[33:22] People with the same diagnoses should not have the same treatment protocols

[35:39] Empowering patients to not be dependent on doctors

[43:27] Coronavirus: A vaccination is not the answer

[49:37] Outro