(Ep. 2) A Deep Dive into Your Body’s Self Regulation with Dr. Christine Schaffner

Podcast Summary

In this episode, Kelly speaks with Dr. Christine Schaffner, Clinic Director & Naturopathic Physician at Sophia Health Institute in Seattle. They discuss the difference between Bioregulatory medicine and functional medicine as well as topics such as white blood cells, the lymphatic system, fascia, and the immune system.



Podcast Outline

[01:54] Christine’s background

[07:25] What to look at other than the functional testing of organs to get to the route cause of illness and how to identify roadblocks to self regulation

[15:22] What self regulation means

[17:38] Neurotoxins

[18:46] Trauma as a roadblock to healing

[21:40] Factors that impact the body’s ability to perform better

[24:24] How lifestyle changes can make a difference

[26:07] How the Sophia Flow™ Cream works



Dr. Louisa Williams Website (https://www.louisawilliamsnd.com/)

Radical Medicine by Dr. Louisa Williams (https://www.amazon.com/Radical-Medicine-Cutting-Edge-Natural-Therapies/dp/1594774110)


Dr. Kinghardt, Klinghardt Institute Website (https://klinghardtinstitute.com/)


Peter Levine, PhD / Somatic Therapy (https://traumahealing.org/about-us/)


Dr. Marco Ruggierro / immuno™  (https://www.imunothesolution.com/the-inventor/)


Connect with Christine

LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-schaffner-8348a4a)

Website (https://www.drchristineschaffner.com/)


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