(Ep. 70) The Magical Intelligence of Water with Gina Bria

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we replay our interview with the amazing Gina Bria to discuss the magical intelligence of water! In this episode Gina brings to our intention that we truly cannot escape water for it is the foundation of life itself. Our inner flow is intimately connected to our outer flow and in this episode we explore exactly how to enhance the flow of our inner water.

Gina Bria is an anthropologist, author and founder of the Hydration Foundation to better hydrate people, plants, animals and soils. The Hydration Foundation has been responsible for accelerating research in key areas of 4th phase water in liquid crystalline form; clinical studies in hydration; pilot projects in schools and nursing homes; field research in soil microbiology and crop enhancement and the development of new water technologies like spin funnels, lowering cost and accessibility. She convened the first ever TEDxNewYorkSalon event on structured water, featuring Dr. Gerald Pollack, who first identified 4th phase water. Her own TEDxtalk, How to Grow Water: It’s Not Only Blue, It’s Green, identifies plants in hydration strategies around the globe. A Berlin Fellow with the Social Science Research Council and an NIH finalist in medieval scholarship, Bria was named Real World Scholar and her research chapter in The New Global Agenda: Priorities and Practices, serves as a policy guide for SDG initiatives on the place of water in health and wealth.

Her research on the primacy of water in accelerating soil recovery has opened new doors in regenerative agriculture for irrigation innovation. The Hydration Foundation’s innovative philanthropic initiative supports public donations directly to farmers to accelerate soil decontamination through irrigation systems widely in place. For every $99 gift, 3 acres of farmland are restored. She is co-author of QUENCH: A Five-Day Plan to Optimal Hydration with Dr. Dana Cohen, MD, recommended by The New York Times, The London Times, O Magazine, NPR Cool Science is now in 6 languages. Bria also established HyFo Lab, LLC in 2018 for structured water testing using the Pollack Lab protocol to set standards for structured water products.

One of The Hydration Foundation’s most important initiatives was the launch of the first ever, public service Hydration Solution Summit, with 30 interviews from top physicians and scientists raising a chorus of respected voices on the urgency of hydration in modern conditions.

Show notes||

0:00| Introduction

4:42 | How does Gina see the magical being that water is

8:35 | Water is information

13:30 | We are microcosms of the macrocosm

16:00 | Hydration is more than drinking water

17:40 | The water inside our body and fruit is different than the water in a bottle

21:37 | The different phases of water

27:26 | Water conducts electrical frequency

29:50 | Your cells are communicating with the world around you

30:30 | Humans are meant to be outside

32:45 | Incoming information is feeding our cells and our entire biological system

39:12 | How the sympathetic and the parasympathetic both play a part in flowing and hydration

41:55 | The intelligence of water is capable of healing and adapting

46:10 | What is guzzling water doing for us?

49:00 | Your being and mindset vibrates out into the world around you

50:30 | Kelly shares stories of her knowing what the body is truly capable of

58:30 | Imagination is the spiritual skill set

1:01:00 | Being fluid in all aspects of our reality

1:04:50 | What is an incarnation?

1:06:28 | The benefits of blending

1:08:15 | Gina’s Hydration Summit

1:13:00 | What is Gina’s secret for the world?

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Resources Mentioned||

Hydration Solution Summit

The Lymphatic Rescue Summit

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