(Ep. 48) Hello Paleo Valley! with Autumn Smith

On this weeks episode of The Beats Podcast with Kelly Kennedy,  we replay our interview with Autumn Smith to share her story and the creation of Paleo Valley! Kelly met Autumn at a conference and fell in love with Autumn and the Paleo Valley products! And since this episode first aired, our appreciation and admiration for what Autumn and her team have brought to the world has only grown!

Autumn is a holistic nutritionist, FDN practitioner, mom and founder of Paleovalley and Wild Pastures. After healing her own IBS using food as medicine, she has been on a mission to provide high quality organic foods and supplements that always prioritize health over profit.

Topics Discussed ||

0:00 | Introduction

5:30 | Autumn’s Story

10:30 | What’s the deal with fillers & preservatives

14:21 | You eat less with higher quality food!

15:10 | Naturally occurring probiotics from fermentation

16: 40 | Paleo Valley’s products are great for kids!

20:17 | What do Paleo Valley products contain?

22:39| The Paleo Valley bars are soo good! Kelly’s approval 😉

28:50 | The importance of Regenerative Agriculture

If you couldn’t tell from this episode Kelly loves Paleo Valleys Supergreens and the Paleo Valley Turkey Sticks! For this reason We are going to give you 15% off these products!

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We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Resources Mention ||

Brendan Moorehead on The Beats EP. 35

Brendan Mooreheads Eat4Earth Event

Pocono Organics

Wild Pastures

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Instagram : @paleovalley

Facebook : Paleo Valley