(Ep. 103) Nature’s Solution to Harmful EMFs

On this episode of The Beats, Kelly Kennedy interviews Justin Frandson, performance coach and innovator, to discuss the impact of man-made electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) on our health. They discuss how our world has become inundated with low level radiation and electric fields that interfere with our body’s and the earth’s natural frequencies. In addition to getting outside, grounding and exposing ourselves to sunlight, Justin explains how he discovered a natural resource to further protect ourselves from harmful EMFs, including dirty electricity and wireless radiation.

Justin Frandson is an Athleticism Performance Coach, Founder of Athleticism.com, EMFRocks.com and Author of the book, ATHLETICISM Whole Body + Whole Brain = Performance . He has worked with amateur and professional athletes for over two decades. He saw them breaking down from excess, man-made EMFs and developed several products to improve our health.

Show Notes

2:16 | Justin’s background as an athletic trainer

5:50 | He noticed man-made EMFs were affecting on his clients

6:58 | Why man-made EMFs are a bio-stressor

8:14 | Why man-made EMFs are different than nature’s EMFs

10:10 | Breathing in microbes and minerals from different ecosystems

10:30 | How Justin looked to nature to solve the problem

12:20 | The low level radiation throughout our homes

15:30 | How our body’s electrical system works

16:42 | How certain bandwiths can change our DNA

18:40 | Dr. Martin Paul research on voltage-gated calcium channels and how EMFs disrupt cellular function

19:10 | The three different types of man-made EMFs

17:10 | How the fascia receives signals

29:15 | Discussion of our electromagnetic atmosphere, plasma and aether

30:37 | The correlation between electrical advancements and disease

30:50 | Dr. Darin Weisman’s Lifeline Technique System

31:36 | How our bodies adapt to environmental shifts with viruses

39:20 | Justin’s theory on air travel

45:00 | Discussion of the innate intelligence of our Universe 

49:57 | How Justin discovered the crystals

51:13 | The unique properties of Justin’s colloid crystals 

56:32 | How you can clear EMF toxicity and recharge your body with the grounding bag

60:19 | The only time someone would not do well with the minerals

61:20 | How long the bags last and when to replace

62:29 | Justin’s wife’s healing story

65:37 | The other products offered at athleticism

66:54 | The importance of pliability as we age

72:54 | Discussion of palm oil and Justin’s sustainable approach

79:43 | Strophanthus herb for your heart

82:18 | Justin’s one secret he wants the world to know


Books Mentioned |

Electric Body, Electric Health by Eileen Day McKusick

The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg

The Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude by Dr. Darren Weissman

Primal Resonance by Dr. Steven Schwartz


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Connect with Justin Frandson

Web: Athleticism.com, EMFRocks.com, GoBeyondSummit.com

IG: @athleticismneurostacking, @emfrocks

Book: Athleticism: Whole Body+Whole Brain=Performance


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