(Ep. 59) Universally Connected Through Our Hearts with Rasmus Gaupp-Berghaussen

On this week’s episode of The Beats Podcast with Kelly Kennedy, we replay our interview with one of our all time favorites, Rasmus Gaupp-Bergahusen, the brilliant mind behind Sound of Soul! In this conversation Rasmus shares his brilliance and understanding of our vibrational existence and how it is intimately connected to the world around us. Our world is covered in patterns and Rasmus does an amazing job of acknowledging them and sharing them with all of us!

Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

4:58 | What is Sound of Soul?

14:45 | The FDA wants to claim Sound of Soul as a medical device

22:00 | Rasmus explains how our bodies energy is measurable

26:30 | Vibrations want to interact with other vibrations

27:10 | The Law of Octaves

29:38 | What does in-for-mation mean?

33:30 | Kelly shares how her frequency was affected from technology

35:40 | The change in motion, no two things are the same

38:40 | The electromagnetic stress from our devices

40:45 | When you stop questioning you remove variability

42:14 | Cures result from killing patterns

44:20 | How often does Rasmus use sound of soul?

46:50 | Resonance begins when you let go

49:30 | It’s so hard for people to see how beautiful they are

51:25 | There are patterns in nature but not exactness

56:15 | What is the quintessence?

1:02:00 | What does it mean to bless something?

1:04:09 | What is a magnetite?

1:09:45 | What is quality? How does it correlate with vibration?

1:11:00 | Water is more vibration than matter

1:13:20 | What is the Fibonacci sequence and how it correlates to quintessence

1:21:45 | You cannot separate the physical, emotional, and vibrational!

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