(Ep. 35) How to Restore Health to Our Planet & Ourselves with Brendan Moorehead

On Episode 35 of ‘The Beats’, Kelly Kennedy has a ‘fascinating and fun’ conversation with Brendan Moorehead, Founder of Eat4Earth.

From Brendan’s own health journey he came to realize that our health & vitality is rooted in our soils ecosystem.

Thus Eat4 Earth was born, a summit that connects brilliant minds around the world. Who all have invested their attention and efforts in learning and teaching about the environment that our plants need in order to grow in a way that is sustainable for them and us.

Brendan wants us to know that our future does not have to be fatalistic; ‘so much more is possible for us as human beings than we imagine, when we work with Nature instead of against her.’

This is a conversation that we all need to hear in order to get into the mindset of what our goals and priorities should be to create a sustainable future for ourselves and the Earth.

00:00 | Introduction

01:57 | How did Eat4Earth get started?

Allan Savory Ted Talk

06:02 | Our food is depleted of nutrients, what is the key to restoring nutritional integrity?

07:18 | The correlation between terrain environment in the soil and in our bodies

08:02 | How exactly do plants attain minerals?

Elaine Ingham and the ‘Soil Food Web’

10:25 | The problems with conventional farming

11:21 | Is it possible to bring dead soil back to life?

12:27 | How Brendans diet has evolved

15:23 | The importance of creating Eat4Earth

16:14 | Nutrition is a tough subject, but there are a few things that we can all agree on

19:15 | The various reasons why farming with animals is important – Weston A. Price

22:00 | Diversity is what allows sustainability

25:20 | Should we ease up on our avocado consumption?

28:50 | Agro ecology, how is it different then regenerative agriculture

33:20 | What’s the deal with carbon dioxide? Is it a concern?

Walter Jehne

37:07 | The similarities between our gut and the soil

38:42 | Why insects are actually essential in faming

40:20 | How did pasture farming get started?

43:50 | How did all of this information change Brendan’s health choices?

44:54 | Is our optimal diet determined by our genetics?

50:06 | Our current situation is not fatal!

56:00 | What Brendan is working on now : Biouniqueblueprint.com

If you are interested in following more of what Brendan does and want to be part of the revolution of farming, definitely check out:



biouniqueblueprint.com…coming soon

You can contact him at support@eat4earth.org

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