(Ep. 34) The Missing Piece to Your Health : CFT with Holly & Kim

On episode 34 of ‘The Beats’, Kelly Kennedy graciously welcomes Kim Sherlock & Holly Steflik. These lovely women are practitioners and instructors of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT). Since many of us have never heard of CFT…Kelly knew it was essential to have Holly & Kim on to explain what CFT is and why CFT is likely to be the missing piece in your health journey.

Although having their own unique reasons for pursuing CFT, they have both been trained by Dr. Barry Gillespie. Thus partake in the Gillespie Approach which is the union between Craniosacral Therapy and Myofasical release.

They are also both licensed Massage Therapist and have trained in Myofunctional Therapy as well as other holistic modalities. They also travel the world teaching the CFT foundation training and the CFT infant training.

Holly & Kim want the world to understand that Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT) facilitates the release of accumulated strain to improve physical mobility and cognitive function. Unhindered movement of the brain, spinal cord, and fascial web are necessary for the well being of all newborns, children, and adults. It is a cutting edge approach to addressing many health conditions such as migraines, concussion symptoms, asthma, TMJ, back and neck issues, ADHD, anxiety, earaches, tongue tie, reflux, torticollis, inability to latch, sleep issues and constipation.

But of course you will learn all of that and more in this episode..

Show notes:

00:00 | Introduction

02:27 | How Kim started with Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT)

06:10 | How Holly got started with CFT                                        

08:28 | What is CFT?                                                                              –Dr. Barry Gillespie                                                                                 -Blend of Craniosacral Therapy & Myofascial release {John Barnes)                                                                                                      –Fascia system with Craniosacral system                                          

10:32 | What is Fascia?                                                                          -the connective tissue between muscles, tendons, ligaments, superficial/deep/ visceral fascia                                                               -Think about when you’re preparing chicken for a meal, you see… -what holds everything together                                                          –Tom Myers & Gill Hedly dissection of fascia

12:25 | What is the cranialsacral system?                                             -the structure of brain, spine, sacrum                                                  -found that the cerebral spinal fluid is found in the fascia, they are very much interconnected

13:45 | Holly gives insight on the brilliance of CFT

15:44 | What does CFT feel like? For someone who has no idea what this experience is like

17:55 | Wait…the cranial bones move?! Why does this happen?

19:25 | What kind of issues has CFT been known to resolve?           -From babies, to toddlers, children, teenagers and adults

21:23 | Kelly was actually exhausted?! Her first experience with CFT

22:29 | What is fascia tension, how it impacts our overall health and how CFT helps                                                                                  – fascial strain can be compared to peeling an onion

25:10 | What happens when you unwind a persons fascia tension? -Physically & Emotionally

30:19 | Even if you think you feel great… EVERYONE needs CFT

31:39 | Is there anyone who can’t or shouldn’t do CFT?

32:20 | It would be ideal to start CFT infancy/ childhood

33:05 | Our modern lifestyle is why we fundamentally need CFT at this point in time                                                                                     –Weston A Price, his study of indigenous people and their optimal health                                                                             

35:15 | Yes, we can do it on our Animals! They have fascia too

35:49 | Our oral health has an impact on our fascia??! How CFT assists                                                                                                      -Dental Summit : Shivan Sarna                                                                      

39:58 | Proper structure is necessary for optimal function            

40:52 | Where is your tongue sitting right now?

41:24 | The problems once thought incurable are really rooted in tight fascia and lack of oxygen

43:07 | Tongue tied?? Why CFT is essential

44:33 | Now that you also fell in love with Holly & Kim, come take their course!

Listeners of The Beats Podcast get $50 off their Foundation Course Purchase when they use Promo code: BEATS

Courses: March 5th, 6th, 7th in Chapel Hill, NC

June 4th, 5th, 6th Kansas City, MO

Details at craniosacralfascialtherapy.com

47:12 | What Holly & Kim want the world to know

Kim is located in West Chester, PA 

Find out more at KimSherlock.com                                                 

Holly is in Chapel Hill, NC

                                                                                                              Find out more at Hollysteflik.com                                                   (Both seeing newborns to through adults)

You can reach them at CFTglobalteam@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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