(Ep. 33) The Art of Breath with Ian Kennedy

In episode 33 of ‘The Beats’, Kelly Kennedy sits down with her BioRegulatory Lifestyle Guide, Vibration Intuitive Husband …Ian Kennedy to discuss breath.

A timeless conversation for anyone, anywhere that will have us all contemplating, how we breathe. The simple mechanism we often take for granted may very well be at the core of what makes us human. For the simple fact that we are able to change our breath to induce a parasympathetic response. We have the choice to allow ourselves to get worked up and be overwhelmed or to just be and relax. It all comes back to our breath.

If you don’t already know Ian from The True Wellness Center or his previous appearance on The Beats Podcast Episode #18 Allowing Life to Happen. Ian has studied fields of energetic therapies for the past two decades and is now a proponent of bio regulatory medicine and on the board of the Bio-regulatory Medicine Institute. He continues to work with clients to re-balance their vibrational energy through nutrition, homeopathy, and emotional connection.

During this discussion Kelly & Ian Share:

0:0001:38 | Introduction to Episode and Ian

01:3903:20 | Inner Engineering Program designed by Sadhguru with the Isha Foundation & the True Purpose of Yoga

03:2104:42 | The Ups and Downs of Kelly’s experience with yoga

04:4305:26 Better understanding our physiology through breath

05:2706:46 | Shifting mentality with breath

06:477:47 | Ian’s first conscious breath experience through martial arts and other examples.

07:4808:46 |The first and last experience of being human has to do with breath

08:4709:54 | Mastering Breath, exercises, why it is important

09: 55 – 12:12 | Ian’s medical service background had an influence on how he breathes

12:1313:05 | Control your breath control your emotions

13:0613:28 | The Root of Illness is in Lack of Breathing

13:2917:28 | How our physiological Position effects our breath

17:2918:11 |The importance of Breath for the existence of life

18:1219:59 | Eastern philosophy of breathing

20:0021:43 |What is Whisky breath & its usefulness withe moving lymph

21:4423:04 | Squeezing the air out of your body, Lions Breath

23:0524:54| Are you Breathing??…or Are your being Breathed??

24:5526:40 | Building Prana/ Chi my bringing Breath into the Hara the “Seat of the Soul”

26:4127:26 | We get more energy from Breathing then Food

29:40 – 34:49 | Quick Simple Tools for Breathing and recommendations if you want to learn more or take action to enhance your breath!

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