(Ep. 32) The Magic of Mistletoe with Dr. Frank Pleus

On this episode of “The Beats”, Kelly is joined once again by renowned European doctor, dentist, and medical director of the Paracelsus Clinic, Dr. Frank Pleus, to discuss Mistletoe. Whether you have a cancer diagnosis or are just looking to boost your immune system, this episode is packed full of information about this powerful phyto-therapy. You will learn about Mistletoe from the roots up as we begin the episode diving right in with what Mistletoe is, the unique fashion in which it grows in nature, and what its role is in an ecosystem. Dr. Pleus then explains how Mistletoe is used as a therapy, the way it interacts with the body’s immune system, and who can benefit from Mistletoe therapy.  

About the Guest Dr. Frank Pleus is the medical director at the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. He is a double board certified medical doctor and dentist working exclusively in biological medicine. Dr. Pleus believes that all levels of human existence must be integrated in order for healing to occur. Dr. Pleus educates others about biological medicine through the Marion Institute.

Dr. Pleus’s Links:

Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland: https://www.paracelsus.com/

Marion Institute: https://www.marioninstitute.org/

Facebook: @ParacelsusClinicSwitzerland

YouTube: Paracelsus Clinic

Email: info@paracelsus.com  

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Episode Timeline:

[1:26] What is mistletoe and when is it used?

[5:58] Mistletoe’s unique role in nature

[10:38] Germination process and lifecycle of mistletoe

[12:20] How mistletoe’s host tree determines the medicinal properties of the mistletoe harvested

[18:09] Mistletoe as a therapy

[25:48] How Mistletoe works in the body

[29:00] Other applications of Mistletoe therapy outside of cancer treatment

[31:17] Side effects of Mistletoe therapy

[35:05] It’s all about lifestyle!

[36:10] Podcast recap