(Ep. 116) The Power of Qi Energy and Frequency Healing with David Wong

On this episode of The Beats, Kelly invites David Wong to talk about the phenomenal benefits of accessing frequencies to heal the body, mind and spirit. David delves into the history of energy healing technologies and acknowledges that there are thousands of studies that show how pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) can heal. David explains how his innovation, the Qi Coil, applies the principles of sacred geometry and harmonics that are based on the mathematical ratios, patterns and shapes found throughout the universe. Kelly and David remind us that these powerful frequencies in nature are always accessible and if we can get ourselves in the “receiving mode” they can heal us from the inside-out and recharge our life force!

David Wong is a wellness technology innovator, martial artist, musician, qi gong practitioner, author, keynote speaker and visionary entrepreneur. He is the founder of Qi Life, a company that develops cutting-edge technologies for personal wellness. His vision is a future where anyone can access the benefits of qi energy immediately and effortlessly. His own personal journey of transformation began when he self-healed from an incurable digestive disease that he had for over ten years – achieved with only frequency and energy devices. This led him to invent the Qi Coil™ frequency technology that allows for effortless mind and body wellness, balance, happiness, and the ability to manifest ideas into reality. 


Show Notes:

– David’s self-healing journey from a debilitating autoimmune disease

– We are energetic beings having a physical experience

– The importance of getting in the receiving mode in order to allow frequencies to heal

– David’s research began with harmonics and sacred geometry

– These frequencies heal and bring your mind and body into specific vibration

– How we can use technologies to send these frequencies into your body or mind

– You can experience the wholeness of the entire universe in your body and mind

– A discussion of  phi/the golden ratio: 1.618

– Patterns in nature that have specific rations, structured according to this design

– David’s technology uses frequencies built on that ratio

– How the coils in his device amplify the frequencies

– How many notes, frequencies form a harmonic

– How Rife frequencies from 1930s with used frequencies to heal

– The specs of the Qi Coil; size and torus shape

– How Qi Coil users have experienced transformations and shifts

– How we can protect ourselves and thrive indoors when not in nature

– How the Qi Coil prepares the body to receive a more targeted frequencies

– The use of molecular mimicry in frequencies

– Qi Coil creates a magnetic field that amplifies the frequencies

– Easy affordable, programmable that gives us easy way to upgrade the human body gently

– David’s mission is to raise the frequency of the world and see 1 million people healed


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