(Ep. 115) Living Quantum-ly with Carrie Bennett

On this episode of The Beats, Kelly chats with the brilliant Carrie Bennett, also known as Carrie B. Wellness, to take a deep dive into our health from a quantum perspective. While both Kelly and Carrie agree that our body’s chemistry plays an important role in our health, they discuss how it’s actually the biophysics of the body – our ability to gather energy and allow it to properly flow – that is the underpinning of our health status and the ultimate determinant of how well our body’s messaging system works. 


Carrie is known for her incredible ability to explain the complexities of the quantum in a way we can all understand. This episode is jam packed with critical insights on how electrons fuel our body, the importance of optimizing our circadian rhythm, the structure of our body’s water, the role of minerals, sunlight, breath, our heart, our fascia, and so much more.


While the concepts may be difficult to grasp, thankfully the solutions are simple and this episode is chock full of tips and ideas to charge your body battery and heal in a way you never thought possible!


As a college athlete, supposedly at the pinnacle of health, Carrie began suffering chronic joint issues and insomnia. After her first child was born, she developed debilitating stomach pain, adrenal fatigue, and brain fog. Armed with a BS in Biology, an MS in Nutrition, and certifications as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and breathing coach, she still couldn’t find the root of her issues. That’s when she found Quantum Biology. Now, as an online educator, clinician and faculty member of the Quantum Biology Collective and Kalamazoo College, Carrie’s mission is to teach her clients how to create a healing environment by applying quantum health strategies around light, water, electrons, and mitochondrial support. Given these tools, clients who have spent years trying to improve their health—just as Carrie did—finally experience powerful healing and lasting benefits.



  • How Carrie got into the quantum field

  • How she was initially influenced by the work of Dr. Jack Kruse 

  • What is energy?

  • How our bodies are constantly trying to gather and organize energy to achieve a state of coherence

  • Why there is a disconnect in the modern world

  • Sunlight = electromagnetic radiation

  • Why it’s more effective to look at sunrise for three minutes every day than for 3 hours once a month

  • How the different wavelengths of the sun throughout the day affect our bodily functions

  • A healthy cell has a negative charge; we must gather electrons to maintain that charge

  • The mitochondria and the electron transport chain

  • The earth is negatively charged; we must touch our bodies’ to the ground

  • What happens to red blood cells when we lose our negative charge

  • We can re-establish that electrical charge by simply touching our bare skin to the earth

  • Fascia as the electrical highway

  • Water in our bodies is structured; it wants to be organized

  • Sunlight helps to maintain structure and keep fluids flowing

  • Water receives information and organizes itself into shapes and then it can store information

  • Water is a powerful storer, receiver and transmitter of information

  • Non-native EMF creates chaotic signaling and degrades our body’s antenna

  • Why minerals are important

  • Without minerals we wouldn’t be able to maintain the structure of the water

  • Our heart is where our light shines strongest; a powerful magnetic field

  • The words we speak and our thoughts are imprinting our body’s water

  • The possibility of healing at the speed of light

  • Carrie’s secret of the universe


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Instagram: @carriebwellness

Website: carriebwellness.com

Quantum Biology Collective: https://www.quantumbiologycollective.org/




Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman, PhD

Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life by Dr. Gerald H. Pollack

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Imoto

The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Dr. Jack Kruse https://jackkruse.com/

John Stuart Reid https://cymascope.com/