(Ep. 117) Wisdom from the Water Whisperer with Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen

In this podcast, Kelly invites back one of her favorite guests and collaborators, Rasmus Gaupp-Bergausen to further explore the mysteries, anomalies, and phenomenal power of water. A true pioneer in his field, Rasmus is widely recognized as the next in line apprentice of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto and co-founder of the renowned Hado Life Laboratory where he has conducted breakthrough experiments that reveal a new understanding of water that is destined to shake up the scientific community.


Kelly and Rasmus dive deeply into the notion that water is so much more than its chemical components and how the structure of water is impacted by sound, light, color and our emotions. Viewers of this podcast will get a first-hand view at Rasmus’s remarkable work as he shares a video of a water droplet emerging into an ice crystal influenced by sound. It’s a humble reminder that water is so much more than H2O and has the capacity to reflect and communicate the innate beauty of our hearts and our environment.


This podcast is just the beginning of Kelly and Rasmus’s multi-part masterclass series of masterclasses, of which will expand on the endlessly fascinating aspects of life. On Monday, June 27, they will be launching the first of this series, “Master the Art of Quantum Healing with Water” Masterclass. This class is a transformative journey into the heart of life’s mysteries. Explore and understand the interplay between water, your heart, and the universal “Vibe of Life.” Delving into the realm of frequencies, harmonics, and light, this class presents you with an opportunity to harness the profound science of transformative healing.  


In this podcast you will learn:

  • A deep Understanding of Water and Its Connection to Life

  • Knowledge of Mind, Beliefs, and Presence

  • Skills to Tap into the Power of Frequencies and Harmonics

  • Mastering Heart Rate Variability and Breath

  • Connecting with Your Soul Through Sound


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Rasmus Gaupp-Berghausen, an Austrian-born scientist whose profound interest in water began during his college years, where he specialized in Landscape Planning and Agricultural Science and specifically focused on water quality. After years of schooling, Rasmus realized that the true essence of water goes beyond the limitations of current scientific methods, which lead him to delve deeper.

Through a series of serendipitous events, Rasmus crossed paths with Masaru Emoto, leading to the establishment of the Hado Life Laboratory in 2004. Following Emoto’s passing, Rasmus assumed the role of Co-President of the International Light Association (ILA) – a collaborative community comprising light and color therapy practitioners, health professionals, and scientists.

Rasmus has made significant advancements in technology, developing the Sound of Soul device that uses the power of the heart’s frequency to promote optimal well-being and facilitate healing. Through intricate algorithms, he translates the vibrations of the heart rate variability (HRV) into audible frequencies of sound and visible frequencies of color light. This allows you to literally listen to the music of your soul! 



  • Big question: is water more vibration than it is matter?

  • We were taught to focus on the matter so that’s what we see

  • We are taught to look at the water chemistry; the sum of the substances in the water

  • There are so many mysteries and anomalies with water but we know so little

  • First mirror of humankind was with water

  • Science looks for information in the water but it’s not actually in the water

  • Water as a receiver and transmitter of information; as a communicator

  • How water seems to react to planetary events

  • How a vortex changes the quality of water 

  • Rocks in a stream create natural vortexes

  • Water is the primary healer

  • How to freeze water using Rasmus’s technique using a brightfield microscope

  • Looks under brightfield, uplight microscope

  • It’s melting and freezing at the same time

  • Water reacts with all vibration

  • The influence of the observer in science; he/she is part of the experiment

  • How you can change the quality of wine with music

  • If you listen to beautiful music you can change the pH in your body

  • We hear more accurately that we see

  • Why some people can’t get the results that Emoto did 

  • Why you must be centered in your heart

  • When you a scientist it’s hard to get coherent

  • The importance of being attentive; this is when healing can occur 

  • Always question your own beliefs and your own thoughts

  • Consciousness is about being in the present moment


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