(Ep. 109) Our Favorite Things: two amazing products to enhance your lymph flow and sleep with Dr. Christine Schaffner

On this episode of The Beats, Kelly sits down with friend and professional colleague, Dr. Christine Schaffner, to discuss two highly effective and versatile products that are a staple in their respective practices: Lymphlo and Somnium. Both are topical creams that address common health issues affecting all of us living a modern life and looking to optimize our health.

As Christine points out, the skin is the entry point to the living matrix and these unique products deliver powerful ingredients in the simplest application method. Well tolerated by even those who are highly sensitive, these formulations have a proven track record among the broadest spectrum of clients.

Lymphlo: is clinically designed to open your lymphatic system, remove congestion, and create healthy detoxification to lighten your toxic load.

Somnium: Combines liposomal GABA and bioactive fermented Chondroitin Sulfate to aid parasympathetic nervous system activation, allowing for deep rest and regeneration.

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Connect with Dr. Christine Schaffner:

Web: https://www.immanencehealth.com/

IG: https://www.instagram.com/drschaffner/