(Ep. 110) Gemmotherapy and the Magic of Plant Stem Cells with Jennifer Payeur

On this episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we are introduced to Jennifer Payeur and the unique healing properties of embryonic plant stem cell extracts.


Known as “Gemmotherapy,” this specialized form of plant medicine utilizes the wild harvested plant buds, young shoots and rootlets that possess super-charged qualities not available in adult plants. Mother Nature’s healing secret lies in the phyto-hormones that the plants release as new growth emerges. With the multitude of health challenges we confront in our modern world, Jennifer explains how these sacred extracts offer unique and complementary solutions that gently support and promote a return to the body’s natural, balanced state. 


Jennifer spent 29 years in various leadership roles in Financial Services. After facing a serious health issue in 2007, she went inward to find answers. This led her to the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, where she extensively studied the human energy field, along with other healing modalities (medicinal aromatherapy, Naam yoga, indigenous wisdom of the grandmothers and meditation). These therapies supported her in journey towards becoming whole again.


In 2019, embryonic plant stem cells were presented to her and that is when she began her work uncovering their fascinating benefits. She then decided it was time to share their incredible healing abilities with others, founding her company Nature Provides, which offers products that support others in their journeys back towards wholeness.


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03:18 | Jennifer discusses her background and how she became the proprietor of Nature Provides.


11:08 | What is a plant stem cell? Just like a human stem cell, it is an undifferentiated cell and in this state it holds the entire genetic makeup of the plant. This new growth contains healing properties that go away as the plan matures.


12:39 | Three main properties of plant stem cells are juvenile phyto-hormones that support drainage, revitalization and regeneration. Jennifer discusses a remarkable case study using Hawthorne plant stem cells.


16:45 | Jennifer discusses where the plants come from and how they are harvested and how the products are formulated.


23:20 | How we learn about the different plants and their applications and how they are different from using mature plants.


28:14 | If taken over a period of time, these plant stem cells can help return the body to homeostasis so that you do not need to continue taking them indefinitely; discussion of a case study of a woman eliminating a food allergy permanently.


29:18 | How Jennifer is addressing major health challenges that our population is currently struggling with: heart issues; lung issues; and cancer. 


39:15 | Kelly and Jennifer discuss their philosophy and the science on why and how plant stem cells support the body.


50:40 | How plant stem cells are different from homeopathy.


53:06 | Jennifer’s favorite story about healing with plant stem cells and the importance of being conscious and intentional about one’s approach to healing with plants.


58:34 | How plants communicate and the relationship between plants and people.


104:21 | Don’t throw fire hoses when you only need a few drops – the importance of not over-treating; listening to your body to determine what it needs.


105:25 | Jennifer’s message that she wants to share with the world: Our bodies are designed for health and wholeness. This is our birthright. When we get out of balance (and we all do at some point), plant stem cells can support us in coming back into balance. They work on a physiologic and energetic level in healing, addressing the whole of us.


Resources mentioned:

Documentary: “What Plants Talk About”

Book: “The Secret Teachings of Plants”


Connect with Jennnifer:

Web: https://www.nature-provides.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pscnatureprovides

IG: http://instagram.com/natureprovidesus