(Ep. 108) The Latest in Water Technology For Your Home with Kenny Lu and Gina Bria

This week on The Beats, Kelly Kennedy talks to two pioneering experts on the subject of water and its implications for health: Gina Bria, Founder of the Hydration Foundation and Kenny Lu, developer of Spring Aqua. Gina reminds us that we are 99% water molecules and that water is the ultimate communication system in our bodies. She emphasizes that the quality of the water we consume is critical for the proper function of our cells, tissues and organs. Kenny explains how his state-of-the-art home device mimics nature’s water filtration process by passing through precise layers of minerals that also purify and structure the liquid. The Spring Aqua equipment is ultimately able to turn ordinary tap water into the equivalent of naturally occurring, spring water.

Gina Bria is an anthropologist, author and founder of the Hydration Foundation to better hydrate people, plants, animals and soils. The Hydration Foundation has been responsible for accelerating research in key areas of 4th phase water in liquid crystalline form; clinical studies in hydration; pilot projects in schools and nursing homes; field research in soil microbiology and crop enhancement and the development of new water technologies like spin funnels, lowering cost and accessibility. She convened the first ever TEDxNewYorkSalon event on structured water, featuring Dr. Gerald Pollack, who first identified 4th phase water. Her own TEDxtalk, How to Grow Water: It’s Not Only Blue, It’s Green, identifies plants in hydration strategies around the globe. A Berlin Fellow with the Social Science Research Council and an NIH finalist in medieval scholarship, Bria was named Real World Scholar and her research chapter in The New Global Agenda: Priorities and Practices, serves as a policy guide for SDG initiatives on the place of water in health and wealth.

Kenny Lu has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years with extensive international experience building businesses in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. He has been heavily involved in marketing, sales, business development, and fund-raising. Kenny is fluent in English and Mandarin. He has worked with professional sports, nutraceuticals, beauty products, international business expansions, digital platform development and now Spring Aqua water. 


Show Notes ||

3:55 | Kelly and Gina introduce Kenny Lu and how they connected

6:26 | Gina’s mission with The Hydration Foundation

7:00 | Kenny’s background and how he got into water science

11:00 | How we have to look to nature to mimic how to go about create high quality water

12:04 | How the Spring Aqua filtration system replicates the process of going through layers of rock and creates the equivalent of spring water; “an ecosystem in a box”

13:04 | Comparing different ways to purify water 

17:35 | Kenny explains how the Spring Aqua filtration system works

19:26 | Gina explains water saturation and hydration and the importance of the motion and quality of the molecules

22:17 | Water molecules are the medium that carries frequencies; the ultimate communication systems within the body

24:30 | Real hydration is critical for protecting our cells and tissues; helps our body absorb what’s beneficial and eliminate what is not

25:40 | Water is the universal solvent

35:42 | A reminder that our bodies are 99% water by molecular count

39:10 | Minerals emit natural electric magnetic fields; you have to understand how they work together; this is what Spring Aqua has done with their system

42:08 | How mineralized and structured water is highly protective and has helped people who suffer from harmful EMF sensitivities

50:48 | Soil recovery: how clean water can heal and re-mineralize our soil 

10 | The mycelium network underground is connected by water; just like the fascia is connected by water


Connect with Kenny Lu ||

Email: Kenny@springaqua.com

Web: https://springaqua.com/

IG: spring.aqua


Connect with Gina Bria ||

Email: gina@hydrationfoundation.org

Web:  https://hydrationfoundation.org

IG: @hydrationdaily