(EP. 97) Insight into the World of Healing with CBD with Leilani Pacheco

This week we bring you unique insight into the world of CBD. Leilani Pacheco shares her knowledge and history to help educate us on the Endocannabinoid System; The misconceptions of CBD; The “Wild West” of bogus products & how you can buy & identify legitimate CBD products

Leilani Pacheco comes from a 4th generation Ranching & Coffee Farming from Kona. She is a Certified Cannabis Medicinal Practitioner that specializes in dosing CBD for humans, pets & high performance equine & exotic animals

Connect with Leilani|| https://www.goldwowie.com

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Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

3:30 | Understanding the History and Integrity of CBD

11:45 | Breaking down why it works – What is a Cannabinoid / types and dosing that’s right for your Health Benefits

22:00 | Lelani’s background as a Cannabis Medicinal Practitioner (Natural Medicine) and expertise in the Distribution and Use

29:30 | Unveiling the Stigma of Marijuana 35:20| Questions from Kelly to debunk the myths

Resources Mentioned||

Cannabis Medicinal Practitioner

Full Spectrum – Full plant

Dosing Matters

Indigenous medicine of the Hawaiian islands

Lymph Node Release Class

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Connect with Leilani Pacheo at https://www.goldwowie.com

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