(Ep. 98) Changing the Face of Medicine with Dr. Linell King

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we welcome on Dr. Linell King of Naples Vitality to discuss his journey, passion, and approaches to help us unite the disconnect between modern medicine and the future of medicine.

Dr. Linell King was trained as an internal medicine physician who received his medical degree at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine in 1997. He completed his residency at The Johns Hopkins University. For over fifteen years working as an internal medicine physician, Dr. King treated thousands of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. After discovering the truth about our current broken healthcare system and seeing how his own family had succumbed to the flaws of Western medicine and its reliance on prescription drugs, Dr. King left his practice. He traveled the world and became trained in functional medicine and a holistic approach.

‘We are changing the face of healthcare as we know it! We make Healthy Living simple for families so that they can enjoy life to the fullest, by educating and empowering our communities to achieve optimal health!’ – Dr. Linell King

Show Notes||

0:00| Introduction

3:10| How did Dr. King become the man that he is today?

9:30 | Understanding the medical paradigm and how every aspect has its place

12:05 | Diving in to Dr. King’s spiritual journey

22:24 | The future of medicine

24:20 | Learning how to get into the FLOW state in order heal

25:00| What does Dr. King’s practice look like?

28:17 | What is Dr. Kings favorite thing to do everyday?

32:30 | Why does Dr. King focus on the brain?

36:30 | Dr. King gives thanks!

38:30 | What is Dr. Linell’s secret for the world?


Connect with Dr. King||

Instagram: naples_vitality

website: www.naplesvitality.com

Facebook: Naples Vitality

YouTube: Naples Vitality


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