(Ep. 95) Uncovering the Root of Disease with Dr. Rachael Carver

On this weeks episode on The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we welcome back integrative and biologic dentist from Carver Family Dentistry, Dr. Rachaele Carver!   In this episode we dig deeper into Dr. Carver’s knowledge around the mouth and body connection. She shares examples of how you can investigate the root cause of your illness through your teeth. Dr. Rachaele Carver earned her DMD from UCONN school of dental medicine in 2003 and after a year residency and 3 years in Boston moved back to her home town in western MA and opened her own practice in 2009. After the birth of her second daughter she developed eczema all over her hands which led to a 10 year journey of studying natural medicine and uncovering the roots of disease.    Show Notes|| 0:00 | Introduction 3:30 | 80% of all Illness Starts in the Tooth 8:30 | Dental Chart & Mapping the Meridians lines of your Teeth to Organs and the Body 15:30 | Bioregulatory/Biological Medicine and Looking at the Entire Body & Entire Picture in the Healing Process 18:00 | All About the Metals in Your Mouth & Gum Disease 28:15| The Marathon of Handling Toxicity   Resources Mentioned|| Tooth Cart Meridian BRMI (Bio Regulatory Medicine Institute) brmi.com thedentalchecklist.com IAOMT – International Academy Oral Medicine and Toxicology IABDM – Biological Dental Medicine Carverfamilydentistry.com   Connect with Dr. Rachaele Carver! www.Carverfamilydentistry.com   The Beats Podcast is now available on apple, spotify, google, youtube and of course our home notmedsglobal.com If you enjoyed this episode make sure to subscribe to our channel to never miss a BEAT!