(Ep. 94) The Pelvic Floor Connection with Emily Bessemer

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we sit down with Emily Bessemer. Emily is a wealth of knowledge and reveals of profound insight and wisdom of the bodies true nature and functions especially in regards to the pelvic floor and fascia in this episode. Although the topics are vast they are all intimately connected and may even sound rather similar to Kelly’s own knowledge and message!

Professionally Emily is a manual physical therapist with specialties in pelvic health (specifically pelvic pain, women’s health and menstrual cycle management/endometriosis), as well as cancer rehabilitation, chronic pain management, lymphedema, craniosacral, and energy work. She has been a reiki master practitioner and LOVES integrating energy work with manual components of care. Emily looks at the body/brain and spirit as a whole and treats from this place that’s what inspired her to open her practice EmBodied Physical Therapy where she uses utilizing energy work, manual techniques, yoga and mind/body medicine to help a person live from their true energy.

Show Notes||

0:00 | introduction

2:50 | Who is Emily? What is her story?

6:20 | What is the pelvic floor?

13:30 | What group of symptoms are rooted in pelvic floor misalignment but are often misdiagnosed

16:20 | What are adhesions?

17:40 | The fascia creates who you are and how you move through space

19:40 | How can we define the fascia

21:40 | What impacts the flow of the fascia

24:30 | The course of unwinding

26:10 | Where does the digestion tract start?

28:00 | How do daily stressors affect our fascia and over all bodily functions?

40: 30 | The connection between a constricted personality and health

42:30 | The defense mechanism behind our personality traits

47:00 | The frequency between the hip and jaw stress

49:15 | Do parasites play a role in stress?

56:24 | What is Emily’s secret for the world?

Connect with Emily ||

Emily’s online Embodied Wellness Programs use the code ‘beats’ for a discount!


Instagram: @dremilybessemer & @embodiedphysicaltherapy


Resources Mentioned||

Female Upgrade Frequency

Sarah Eckhardt

Sunshine Kate

Fuzz Speech by Gill Hedly

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk