(Ep. 91) Rediscovering Light Therapy with Mike Broadwell

On this weeks episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy, we with down with Mike Broadwell founder of Solaragem. In this episode we explore the power of light how it impacts the body, and why it is capable of having such an impact. As we move into a new era of healing, the tools that we can use in order to rebalance the body are not old yet are vast. We are grateful to have had Mike on the show this week to remind us all of the power of light.

Mike Broadwell has specialized in crystal fusion light for over 10 years. He’s worked with leading integrative practitioners across North America. In 2021 he introduced the SolaraGem crystal fusion light device.

Show notes||

0:00| Introduction

2:55| What is Mikes background? How did he get here?

7:28 | How did he get into energetic medicine?

9:55 | What is energy medicine?

12:15 | How does the energy of the body work?

16:35 | Why are we now rediscovering the power of light therapy?

25:30 | Does all light have the same impact on the body?

29:51 | What is the solaragem?

32:10 | Are gems woo?

41:20 | What is the key to life?

43:20 | The impact of light and environment on healing

45:55 | The power of light therapy that Mike has witnessed

1:00: 15 | Kelly’s experience with solaragem

1:11:28 | How can you use solaragem?

1:12:45 | To understand how light therapy works you really need to experience it for yourself

1:16:30 | Experiencng glitching

1:18 :20 | What is Mike’s secret for the world?

* This video does suddenly end due to technical difficulties, don’t worry you didn’t miss anything!*

Connect with Mike|| Mike@MikeBroadwell.com



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