(Ep. 90) Living Pain Free with TK Huynh

On this weeks episode of The Beat with Kelly Kennedy we invite Dr. TK Huynh on to share his amazing story, his powerful products, and his in-depth insight on the topic of quantum healing. As our world shifts from dense pharmaceuticals to energetic healing, Dr. TK Huynh does a wonderful job at sharing the power of this form of healing.

Dr. TK Huynh is known as The Quantum Pharmacist, a Functional Energy Medicine expert. He have a Doctor of Pharmacy and a Fellowship in Anti-Aging Regenerative Functional Medicine. In this podcast, he will teach you how to shift into a painfree life.

Show Notes ||

0:00 | Introduction

2:20 | Who is TK, what is his story?

15:00 | What is pain?

24:20 | The power of TK’s MindBody Matrix cream

25:10 | How does MindBody Matrix cream work?

36:22 | What is the true function of the heart?

37:20 | Utilizing intention to heal

40:05 | Tk explains coherence versus incoherence

51:20 | You don’t have to be in pain to use this cream and the cream doesn’t even have to touch your body to work

52:24 | What is Tk’s secret for the world?

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Connect with TK|| support@mindbodymatrix.com


Resources Mentioned||

NES Health

Dr. Joe Dispenza

Bruce Lipton

Lynn McTaggert


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