(Ep. 66) What’s New? The Latest & Greatest with Ian & Kelly Kennedy

A lot is always changing in the world of NOTMEDS Global and the True Wellness Center. For this reason we thought it was a good time to give you an update and changes making place behind the scenes in order to provide a more fluid and interactive experience for anyone who is looking for our help and guidance.

This weeks episode of The Beats Podcast is a conversation between Kelly and Ian about everything that they have going on and the exciting programs in store!

Thank you for being apart of our community, we appreciate it more then you know!

0:00| Introduction

3:15 | How Ian’s practice has changed over the years and even more recently!

7:30 | How do you get energy?

8:50 | What is harmonization is regards to frequency

11:15 | Frequency in regards to parasympathetic and sympathetic state

13:10 | When does disharmony arise?

14:40 | Flex-ability versus adaptability 

18:00| What is the IMAET? How is Ian using it?

20:25 | The results of IMAET

21:20 | How does the IMAET work?

23:30 | The precision of the IMAET

36:30 | The global impact we’re making with NOTMEDS Global & True Wellness

44:45 | The proactive approach of a BioRegulatory Lifestyle

46:00| What Kelly has been workingon this summer!

Resources Mentioned||

IMAET Training Spetember 25th with Ian Kennedy

Heidi Sullivan and NOTMEDS Global

The Lymphatic Rescue Summit and Kelly’s Book