(Ep.58) Valuing Biological Dentistry with Dr. Richard Porcelli

On this weeks episode of The Beats Podcast with Kelly Kennedy we sit down with Dr. Richard Porcelli of Biological Center for Dentistry in Bluffton, SC, an amazing dentist, friend and colleague! In this episode you will easily understand why Kelly and Dr. Porcelli were meant to work together as well as understand where Dr. Porcelli’s understanding and passion for biological dentistry is rooted.

Dr. Porcelli’s mission is to provide the most optimal dental care for his patients through his biological systemic approach regarding the mouth-body connection. Dr. Porcelli believes it is very important to use the highest quality dental products that are the most biocompatible for the patient. He pays mindful attention to toxicology and its relationship to the body. As a result, patients are recommended to have biocompatibility testing to ensure the best products are used for them. He pays careful attention to the oral-systemic connection to organs of the body and its proper balance. Dr. Porcelli is very comprehensive and helps his patients understand the importance of proper nutrition/healthy lifestyle and its relevance to total health and successful dentistry. His patients learn the importance of a strong complement of teeth, a healthy TMJ joint, a balanced bite and adequate hygiene to ensure long lasting results.

As a biologic dentist, Dr. Porcelli is Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) trained and certified from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicity. For any patient requiring amalgam mercury fillings to be removed, protective barriers are used to minimize the exposure to toxic mercury. In addition, a regimen for heavy metal detoxification and immune system support is recommended. In addition, he utilizes ozone therapy, a natural antimicrobial, in conjunction with most treatments to assist in the elimination of decay and to reduce sensitivity. Dr. Porcelli has studied under Dr.Thomas Rau, a pioneer in biologic medicine and director of the world-renowned Paracelsus clinic in Lustmuhle, Switzerland. His biological approach is reinforced by his mission to help patients learn more about proper nutrition, a healthy gut, heavy toxic load and its connection to chronic disease, so that they can rejuvenate and live healthier lives.

Show Notes||

0:00| Introduction

5:10 | What is the difference between Dr. Porcelli now versus when her graduated from NYU?

21:20 | The problem with root canals

25:20 | Handling the multi-dimensional approach of dentistry

30:00 | We all have a lot going on!

29:30 | The importance of putting positive love energy in your world

36:00 |What you want in a team of professionals

38:45 | Investing in your health is never a bad idea

49:20 | Dr. Porcelli’s secret for their world

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