The Beats (Ep. 56) Supporting Our Microbes with Dr. Alvin Danenberg

On this weeks episode of The Beats Podcast with Kelly Kennedy, we sit down with Dr. Alvin Danenberg to discuss the importance of taking care of out microbes and what we have to remove in order for our microbes to survive and for our body to heal! Dr. Al’s story is extremely impressive and it is safe to say that his methods in supporting the immune system are viable.

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“Dr. Al” Danenberg is a Balanced Metabolic Coaching, Periodontist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Primal Health Coach, and ADAPT Trained Health Professional. After a terminal multiple myeloma diagnosis, Dr. Al Danenberg wasn’t supposed to make it to see 2019, let alone be thriving right now. With nothing to lose, and everything to gain, he developed a plan that evolved into his Unconventional Cancer Protocols, combing in-depth research of ancestral nutrition & lifestyle changes with his knowledge from 44 years of as a periodontist. Now, he focuses on helping others regain control of their health.

“Dr. Al” as he’s known by his friends, patients and community, consults with patients all over the world (virtually via Zoom or Skype) regarding animal-based nutrition, lifestyle, oral & overall health, and the importance of a healthy gut and immune system. He is the author of CRAZY-GOOD LIVING!, Better Belly Blueprint and Is Your Gut Killing You? all available on amazon!

Show Notes||

0:00| Introduction

5:20 | Dr. Al has the answer?!

6:00 | We are more microbial than human!

10:30 | You microbiome is specific to you

11:35 | The goal should be to create a diverse environment for our body

13:07| The variances of microbes from plant based to animal based eating

14:18| How our bacteria effects our overall health

17:00 | Lets unpack leaky gut

21:00| The mechanisms that body has to maintain health

25:15 | The most important system to optimize

26:00 | Dr. Al walked out of Hospice in 2018?!

28:40 | What happened when Kelly started eating meat again

30:10 | The science behind eating meat versus not eating meat

35:25 | The body cannot heal unless the irritant is removed

37: 18 | What would be considered an irritant?


Resources mentioned||

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5 Important Tools for an Robust Immune System by Dr. Al Danenberg (paper)

The before and after pictures of the abused woman

Connect with Dr. Al Danenberg||

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Personal Facebook:

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Four Steps to a Healthy Mouth Dr. Al Danenenberg

5 Important Tools for a Robust Immune System By Dr. Al

Unconventional Cancer Protocols by Dr. Al



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