(Ep. 57) You Are More Powerful Than You Think with Dr. Fred DiDomenico

On this week’s episode of The Beats with Kelly Kennedy we replay our interview with the amazing Dr. Fred DiDomenico. In this episode Dr. Fred shares his empowering life story and how it has made him the man that he is today. Dr. Fred’s wisdom is empowering and insightful and reminds us all that we are more powerful than we think.

Dr. Fred DiDomenico began as a chiropractor and transitioned into a self-empowerment and business coach. Through his experience in chiropractic and as demonstrated by his ability to usher in dramatic positive changes in the lives of the chiropractors he coaches, Dr. Fred has been recognized as a healing and inspirational force in the lives of thousands. His book You Are More Powerful Than You Think,  is the culmination of his soul-inspired persistence and his calling in helping others realize their best selves and take their rightful place in the world.

In his book, Dr. Fred shares the divine inspiration that led to its writing and shares practical actions and insights about things that might otherwise seem ethereal and out of reach for many. In short, he makes spirituality and growth accessible for all. It is a step by step guide in reconnecting with the unbridled power and strength you are born with. He believes you are more powerful than you think – and that you are called to reach for it!

Show Notes||

0:00 | Introduction

7:18 | Dr. Fred’s background 6 steps to a higher consciousness made easy

15:35 | Time is vertical

18:00 | What does it mean that we are created in God’s image?

20:30 | How do you detach yourself from limiting beliefs?

24:35 | Are you what you’ve experienced?

26:36 | What does it mean to let go of something instead of becoming something?

30:10 | There isn’t something to be obtained, because you already are everything

34:40 | You can change your mind any second, when will that question be?

36:50 | What are we here to do?

38:45 | The constant attainment of tools from life experiences

39:10 | Dr. Fred’s secret for the world

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youaremorepowerful.com to get Dr. Fred’s Book!

Youtube: Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Facebook: Drfreddidomenico