(Ep. 105) Breast Implant Awareness with Danielle Valoras

On this week’s episode of The Beats, Kelly sits down with Danielle Valoras for an extensive discussion about breast implant-related health concerns. Danielle tells her personal story of having breast implants and how her health subsequently declined. It was after she had her implants removed and began to regain her health that she set out on her journey to understand the underlying risks and consequences associated with the procedure and the silicone products. She shares vital information that is not readily discussed in the mainstream medical community and offers helpful solutions for women on a post-implant healing path, as well as protective strategies for those living with implants.

Danielle is a Certified Physician Assistant, Founder of BIHS Breast Implant Health Summit, and Founder/Clinician of NavWellRx, PLLC an integrative health practice. Danielle has over 20 years of experience in the medical field as a PA, field clinical engineer, and medical researcher. She is committed to inform, treat and advocate for patients who have been diagnosed with breast implant illness (Bii) and other implantable device-related issues. Danielle has recently submitted a research protocol on How to Optimize health Post Explant (H.O.P.E.)

Show Notes:

06:07 | Danielle’s background

07:23 | Danielle gets breast implants when she’s 48

9:00 | The array of symptoms that began post surgery

12:00 | Her breast implants are removed two years later and many symptoms resolve and her journey to research the topic begins

19:10 | The use of MRI’s to detect integrity of breast implants and whether ex-plant should be considered

22:25 | A discussion of silicone and other substances that escape the porous “envelope” and travel throughout the body

26:00 | The relevance of scarring, fascia and the impact on the body’s systems

29:45 | How Danielle works with clients who choose to keep their implants and how health can still be optimized

36:32 | A discussion about self-judgment and the predicament of women in our culture

50:29 | A comparison of various Class-3 medical devices and the need for long-term research and how all breast plan manufacturers have failed post-market studies 

1:00:48 | New FDA study revealed the risk of squamous cell carcinoma within the the breast implant capsule 

1:03:00 | Self-care and how to mitigate the impact of breast-implant illness; the importance of drainage; supplements and energy-healing modalities

1:11:00 | Structuring the water in the body allows for ultimate healing; the importance of sunlight, grounding

1:20:18 | How we can heal any ailment in our bodies with the right frequencies, right alignment and tools

1:25:08 | Danielle talks about her upcoming summit with over 30 practitioners, Oct 20-23, 2022 ; will remain posted for the subsequent four months (link below)

1:26:00 | Kelly discusses her upcoming Fascia and Chronic Pain Rescue Summit, Oct 24-29 with over 50 speakers (link below)

1:28:10 | Danielle reports on The Fascia Congress that she attended

1:32:50 | What is fascia?


Connect with Danielle:

Email: danielle@navrx.com

Web: https://navwell.square.site/home

IG: @navwell


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