(Ep. 50) A Client’s Perspective with Ariel Mayer

On this week’s episode of The Beats, Kelly Kennedy sits down with Ariel Mayer who is a client at The True Wellness Center. Ariel has been on a health journey from quite some time, yet the growth that Ariel has made over the last couple of years is extremely impressive and truly exemplifies what Kelly wants to bring to the world through NOTMEDS Global.

At her core, Ariel Mayer is a creator. As an actor, writer, dancer, and activist Ariel is passionate about creating performance art pieces that reflect to its audience the state our our world, while then further building upon and exploring the possibilities for our collective future. Ariel was featured in Connecticut’s 40 under 40 2019 list, has been on the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board (2019), was a founding member of Long Wharf Theater’s Youth Advisory Board (2020), and has now founded the Youth of Elm Shakespeare Advisory Council which holds intergenerational conversations about the intersection of theater – especially Shakespeare’s work– and social justice. We hope you enjoy Ariel – her eloquence and this episode as much we did!

Topics Discussed||

0:00 | Introduction

4:50 | Ariel’s Story

11:50 | What was Ariel’s experience working with Ian & Kelly?

14:13| Ariel’s thought’s on Naso’s

16:00 | Where is Ariel now physically?

20:40 | Is Ariel still compensating?

25:20 | What is Ariel’s message for the world?

Connect with Ariel||


instagram @arielbmayer

If you are interested in visiting us at The True Wellness Center please contact us as info@biologicalhealth.com | 267-308-0777 | thetruewellnesscenter.com

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